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February 2020

Preparation and Training - Means to Defeating any Pathogen

Rationality suggests that preparation and training are means to defeating any pathogen. Both actions are also necessary in reducing death and wider contamination during any epidemic or pandemic.

Therefore, given China's stark lockdown actions of entire cities to contain and to protect that country from the Novel Coronavirus, thus buying the international community a crucial window of opportunity to prepare and to train for the arrival of the microbe, it would be foolish of any capable nation state not to prepare and train for the arrival of COVID-19.

Test, Test...

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If the cost to the United States (US) for fighting the war in Afghanistan over the past 19-years is $2 trillion and counting, then imagine a world where such gargantuan sums could instead be earmarked for scientific research, development and medicine. 

Imagine other nations also contributing to such a global scientific fund aimed at bettering the welfare of all humanity. Vaccines, other medicines, disease cures, technological innovations, climate change protections, hunger preventions and other measures toward a better and healthier world would be more advanced than today.

Science, Technology and Innovation Over War - a Path to Continuity for the Human Species

The South China Morning Post (SCMP), a Hong Kong media outlet, citing the Journal Science, is reporting that American scientists at the University of Texas Austin and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have created an atomic map of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), a crucial step toward developing a possible vaccine and treatment of the epidemic that has plagued China and transcended to other countries.

The American scientific team, according to the south Asia media house, worked with genetic code of the virus made publicly available by Chinese researchers.

A Measurement of Societal Decline - Tainted Justice

I submit that whenever and wherever the quality and the impartiality of justice become adversely altered in modern societies, then a general decline of society will ensue. 

So, if the actions of United States (US) President Donald Trump and his appointed Attorney General William Barr into current cases before US Courts are taken at face value, then they have both, based upon such deeds and others, underlined the onset of the American decline.

Comments by Trump and concurrences by Barr per lower prison terms for guilty associates of the president amount to a decline in the quality of justice and clearly a hint at dirt within the Department of Justice.

A Lamentation for Children of Syria and Yemen

Children, especially you in Syria and in Yemen,  I am deeply saddened over your prolonged sufferings with no real relief in sight. I am profoundly sorry. I passionately wail over your conditions as victims as conflicts amid a failing of humanity to bring amelioration to your plight. 

The inaction of the wider world to secure your relief is indicative of the impotency of international powers to achieve peace in jurisdictions they have deemed a non-priority.

Over many years, on this Blog, writing a series of posts

Tainted Democracy Purifies other Suspect Systems of Governments

I submit that since Donald Trump's presidency of the traditionally epitome of democracy - the United States (US), alternative systems of governments from China, to North Korea, to Cuba, to Iran and elsewhere, now appear a whole hell of a lot more appealing than at anytime before.

From his mockery of physically challenged people amid allegations of misconduct by multiple women as candidate Trump, to his sparring with allies as president, his isolationist policies, his started trade war with China, the splitting up of families in immigration holdings, especially the holding of hundreds of children in asylum jails, his impeachment, his questionable rational demeanor, his disregard to cooperating with Congress and to his most recent meddling in judicial matters involving associates, President Donald Trump has tainted the American democracy.

Empathy, Fairness and Humanity Over Racism and Xenophobia

The present plaguing Novel Coronavirus - now officially named: Covid-19, has exposed a racist and xenophobic nature of some human beings that is very shocking and repulsive. 

Apathetic rumors and suppositions hurled by some users on social media against Chinese people is preposterous. And even more preposterous is the reality that the majority of the horrid comments listed against the people of China, are posted by people with a marginal rationale of science.

Most of the offensive online assertions against the Chinese people are being made by folks who forego the consideration that Covid-19 could have erupted in anyone of many nation states and  that an illness of international proportion could have emerged as a different pathogen in anyone of hundreds of countries in the world.

Containment, Containment, Containment - Fighting Novel Coronavirus

At Community Affairs Consultants, we continue to support and to urge the actions by the People's Republic of China (PRC) to contain the Novel Coronavirus epidemic. 

We urge our family, friends, associates and all of the people to continue strong efforts to defeating this pesky pneumonia ailment. You have our full support and empathy and we stand ready to render whatever assistance we can as needed. Godspeed to full recovery. 

Vindictiveness and Its Poison - the Need to Fight Back

The vindictive nature of state leaders is well known to me. I am the victim of a vindictive leader and that experience has fashioned by enlightened life. Therefore, I encourage those who sit in the seats of power to do whatever is necessary to protect the lives, welfare and well being of victims of political vindictiveness.

Media reports here in my country - the United States (US), have confirmed that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified before the House of Representatives impeachment hearing against President Donald Trump, was today escorted from the White House - fired, so was his twin brother, the New York Times reported.