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The World in 2020 - the United States of America

Serious Constitutional, social and political issues confront the United States (US) in 2020. How these issues are resolved will determine whether or not the US will continue to function in 2020 as the world's super power or yield its traditional status and influence as a globe leader.

The American Republic and its democracy have stood as a beacon of hope, liberty, opportunity and the rule of law for more than two centuries. The success of the US has come from the Republic being placed above any man while championing democratic causes of the rights of humankind to life, liberty and happiness and under this banner of promoting and maintaining freedom and the rule of law, the nation's sphere of influence was easily spread across the globe. 

But in 2020, the policy of a growing isolationist and populist administration in Washington, DC, threatens the continuity of unity within the Republic as well as the traditional integrity and influence of the US in the international arena. Unprecedented spats with allies, unitary global actions, a failure to admit to threats from Russia and an instigated trade war with the world's number two economy: China, will represent threats to the US global leadership in 2020.

An impeached President Donald Trump has stoked division in America which the Republic will inherit in 2020. Trump's continuing 'my way' version of American leadership will set up additional Constitutional questions in 2020. 

Immigration matters will remain high and very questionable per the US human rights record as too many asylum seeking children and their parents remain separated and locked up in federal custody. Gun violence will again destroy lives in the US in 2020 as marginal and insecure individuals vent their discriminatory anger and illness upon the people of the US. 

Wall street numbers have soared in 2019 propped up by some seemingly weekly infusion of money, yet everything that goes up, must come down and any global downturn in financial markets in 2020, will force the US markets into a correction and deeper mode. Employment has been low jump started years-ago by the rational fiscal policy of the Obama administration to steer the US and global markets out of the financial fiasco of 2007-8 and all the negative impacts.

Environmental concerns could witness larger oil spills in the waterways in and around the US in 2o20. Natural disasters - wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and sea level rises could be stark in 2020.

Americans are a soundly resilient people. Through the voices and actions of the concerned, those insisting upon justice for all, and those informed and educated, the Republic will weather 2020 even if a major executive change only comes, in the month of November, 2020 - the time of new Presidential Elections.

The State of the Union at the start of 2020 is not its best. With national interest affirming the Constitutional foundation that the Republic must stand over the attitude of any man, the United States of America will exit 2020 in far better state than today. May God Bless America!