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The World in 2020 - Asia

Our world's most populous and largest continent will continue to experience development growth in 2020 spear headed by the rise of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Note that today's look at Asia will not include China or the Middle East - The World in 2020 - the Middle East will be published 12.28.2019, and The World in 2020 - China will be published 12.29.2019.

Asia's development in 2020 will come with disruptions and tensions in the area of trade, migration, human rights issues, impacts of Climate Change and natural disasters and other political and social matters.

The denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will remain a hot topic but more cooperation and communication between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea, the People's Republic of China and Japan, could result in a larger achievement of stability on the region. 

More trilateral agreements between China, South Korea and Japan in 2020 could lead to a thawing of historical tensions against Japan for its treatment of Chinese and Koreans in WWII. Any agreement done that satisfies all three-parties would represent the beginning of a major geopolitical change that would alter the present world power distribution of political and military power via the creation of a China-Japan-South Korea political pact.

Turkey and its excursion into northern Syria in 2019 at the expense of the Kurdish people, will bring ramifications in 2020. Moreover, the membership of Turkey into NATO will lose influence in 2020 because of arms bought from Russia. Furthermore, Turkey for sure will not gain any easing from the European Union (EU) with regards to the freedom of movement of Turks in the EU. And for sure Turkey will not be given any fast track service to membership into the EU in 2020 under the Erdogan leadership in the land of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

India and its wide nationalistic tone, its existing caste system and its inability to fully embrace the next phase to greater economic viability, could act as the Hindu state's greatest enemy in 2020, in spite of its ongoing spat with nuclear and Muslim neighbor Pakistan. Kashmir and citizenship questions will figure highly in 2020.

Migration and citizenship issues could cloud relations in Myanmar and Bangladesh as they would India in 2020. Climate Change impacts and natural disasters will figure highly in the Philippines, IndonesiaMalaysia, the Maldives and other jurisdictions in Asia in 2020. Unprecedented wildfires in Australia, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in New Zealand will add to some woes in Asia in 2020. 

Political issues will gain attention in both Sri Lanka and Cambodia in 2020. The issues of Thailand will be what they have been for more than 50-years, while Vietnam stands to make economic advances on the relocation of some global production companies to the country because of United States (US) penalization of China.

The experiment at a market hydro-electric economy in Laos with the construction of dams to produce power could advance in 2020, but with some environmental concerns. 

Singapore will continue to serve as a model of civil society building  and economic development in 2020.

The Central Asia nations of the former soviet republics, will continue as they have since the end of the union, with dictators in control of some corrupt governments while others, mostly the elites, benefit from energy wealth at the expense of the ordinary people.

Culturally European, but geographically Asian, Georgia will continue to protect its sovereignty in 2020 as its educated people chart a path forward to greater economic and political stability.

Tomorrow, The World in 2020 - Europe.