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The World in 2020 - Canada and Mexico

Explicitly, Canada is one of the most empathetic nations on Planet Earth. Its humanitarian efforts to assist in housing displaced peoples has been well documented as well as its allowance for sponsorship to those in need of solace from war and hardships. 

Therefore, Canada holds a special distinction on the spectrum of service to humanity. And in 2020, Canada, based upon its kindness, empathy, growing diversity and tradition of impartiality, will continue to prosper.

However, continued prosperity to Canada in 2020, will become dependent upon how Canadians settle long standing issues concerning the treatment of its First Nation Peoples, a growing apparent systematic erosion of human rights in Quebec, its cooperation on Climate Change action, and above all, Canada's forced participation into a geopolitical spat between the United States (US) and People's Republic of China (PRC). 

The long standing neutral appearance of Canada will be tested in 2020. In order to continue and to retain the global respect it has gained over the years, Canada, in 2020, must find a path out of the complications surrounding a legal matter involving an executive of a major Chinese firm. If Canada could achieve this feat early in 2020, then Canadians held on security matters in China could easily be repatriated with their families in the land of the Maple Leaf. Complaints to the US to tender Chinese trade deals upon the fate of Canadians held in China, would only aggravate current relations between China and Canada

But all in all, if Canada could return to its apparent migrant caring and impartial character in 2020, then prosperity would reign from the Yukon to Ontario.

Immigration issues and widening violence will figure highly in Mexico in 2020. Criminal drug cartels, corruption and the impotence of Mexico's federal government to police large swaths of the nation south of the US border, will remain problematic in 2020.

Sinking Mexico City could see an increase in traffic of people heading toward the US border in 2020 because of Climate Change events. Also, the emerging policy of having likely Mexican migrants to the US being forcefully processed in Guatemala could result in a triangle of problems. 

Economically, Mexico could fair well in 2020 if it curbs widening violence encroaching upon its tourist  hot spots. That is likely not to be the case in Mexico in 2020.