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The World in 2020 - Africa

History has been cruel to Africa and its people. From the perpetual plunder of the continent's natural resources to the enslavement and exploitation of its people, yesteryear's world order has failed to adequately compensate Africa for the pillage and inhumane suffering inflicted. Split up, broken and shared as spheres of influence and control by colonial powers sitting in Europe, Africa has benefited all other people more so than its own people.

Yet, Africa - the location of the descension of humankind from brachisting among the trees to the first recorded biped motion, will arrive at 2020 having weathered every imaginable misdeed that could befall a people. The continent stands to advance in 2020.

But 2020 will be no cake walk for Africa. As development presses on in some areas, considerable and challenging impediments to sovereign growth, the environment, health, human rights and security will remain in 2020. Brought to wrought by colonial impact, long-term dictatorships, tribalism, under-development, division, corruption and the effects of Climate Change, Africa's tests will demand answers in 2020.

Economic, social, political and environmental troubles will wreak havoc upon Zimbabwe in 2020. The post Robert Mugabe era will provide similar, and at times, even more troublesome to the people already troubled by Climate Change drought and flooding. Hyperinflation will continue to plague Zimbabwe in 2020.

The Nobel Peace Prize winning leader of Ethiopia will have his work laden with pressures in 2020 as he endeavors to avert any occurrence of a civil war in his land in spite of his prize winning peace making with neighbor, Eritrea. Concerns over water could also figure highly around the horn of Africa in 2020. And Somalia will continue to battle radicalism in 2020 as similar events could transcend to Kenya and Tanzania in 2020. 

Mali, Central Africa Republic, NigerUganda and the wider Sahel Region will experience increase events of violence in 2020. Assisting French troops might not be sufficient to counter violence in the north of Mali or maintain peace between Fulani herders and sedentary farmers. African variations of the Islamic radicalism will figure heavily in this region in 2020.

Ebola, human rights violations, rebel insertions and the consequences of western tech firms involved in cobalt mining, will weigh heavily in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2020. Social political protests will be heighten in Gambia and in Rwanda in 2020. And as some degree of stability appear to sweep over Sudan in 2020, South Sudan, will have to answer a number of rights issues.

Egypt and Libya will have to deal with numerous anti-government issues in 2020, Egypt especially. The same could envelope Algeria. Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Uganda, Chad, Eritrea, Rwanda, Djibouti, Namibia and other nations will have to confront long term tenure by leaders in 2020. The racist past of South Africa will figure in a number of events in 2020.

Africa's developmental health in 2020 and beyond is based upon two scenarios: Reliance on former colonial masters of a tragic past? Or, a new relationship with a rising Asian power that promises a partnership to development over forced dominance? Africa must decide in 2020 and beyond.