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The World in 2020 - a New Decade of Tests and Discoveries

Impeached! United States (US) President Donald Trump was impeached at 8:23 p.m. ET yesterday, thereby condemning the testy Trump to the annals of time for an eternity as one, of only three disgraced presidents, to be indicted by Congress in the course of the US Republic. 

It was at 8:23 when the voter counter in the House of Representatives recorded 216-yea votes on reaching the threshold of the number of yes votes needed to impeach Trump for abuse of power of the Office of President. A few minutes later Trump was impeached on another charge of obstructing Congress. 

Trump's raucous tenure as president has contributed to an unsure and insecure world since 2017, and in 2020, his past and present actions will weigh heavily on the peace and the security of peoples in the East and in the West. 

It should be duly noted that Trump, as the individual, is insignificant to the well being of humanity. But in the capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the most formidable military force on Earth, and as the Executive occupier of the Oval Office, in Washington, DC, Trump's actions will usher in a new decade of many tests and pressures that will transcend to lands near and far of the American Republic.

Trump's spats with US allies have weakened American global influence in the three years since he's been president. His apparent warmth to despots from North Korea to Russia and his relationships with the leaders of Brazil, Hungary and Turkey, all underline a questionable and an unsure path toward global peace and security in 2020. His instigated trade war with the People's Republic of China (PRC) and his other threats of unfavorable trade actions against other nations, will all come full circle in 2020.

Therefore, in 2020, expect dictators, strongmen and right wing leaders to strengthen their positions at the expense of human rights, equality and the rule of law. 

Moreover, as Europe, China, Canada and Developing nations work earnestly to combat Climate Change in 2020, the environment will continue to deteriorate because of a non unanimous world effort. Trump has started the process to removing the US from the very important Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Such a fallible move could become a reality in 2020, but it will be overshadowed in 2020 by deadly natural disasters that have been hastened by Climate Change.

Outside of the global political divisions that have been ignited by Trump, the world of science, technology and engineering could offer many new discoveries and innovations toward the betterment of humanity, in 2020.

However, the new decade will undoubtedly be shaped by an impeached US President, who, more than likely, will not be removed from office. And as a bitter and angry businessman turned politician, Trump's actions could widen division in the US and across the globe. That is the 2020 that awaits humanity.

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