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Tories Victory in the UK - Another Step Toward the Contraction of a Once Formidable Empire

With a solid victory by Tories in yesterday's United Kingdom (UK) general elections, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson has inched closer to taking the former dominant World Empire out of the behemoth economic pact - the European Union (EU). 

Out of the EU, the UK's influence would wane for a nation that once proudly boasted of the extent of its empire upon which the Sun never did set. 

Boris Johnson has been trimputing the UK's Brexit will. With conservative control of the British House of Commons with 365-seats, to Labour's sad showing of only 203-seats, the prime minister, who showed up to cast his vote yesterday  morning with a little dog in tow, now has a clear majority under which he could deliver his desire to leave the EU. 

After Brexit, the Sun will rise and set over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - the United Kingdom, for now, but a new era of British sovereignty will be ushered in minus an empire and minus membership into the massive economic pact of the EU. An uncharted destiny awaits the British.

That the UK will stand alone is no reason to spell gloom or doom for the House of Tudor or its people. The end of the British Empire back in 1997 with the transfer of Hong Kong back to the People's Republic of China (PRC), still left the UK with 14-overseas territories - that include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar and a couple of others. Also the UK continues to sit as head of the Commonwealth Nations - a group of mainly former colonies that represent a free association of independent states. 

So even after Brexit,  the UK, though weakened, could still retain some clout. Yet, undoubtedly, Brexit will represent  another event affirming the contraction of the breadth and scope of a once formidable Empire that could smaller with any future success of the independence of Scotland and/or Northern Ireland.