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The Peddling of Military Security Over Ideological Advancement

Ideology - democratic ideology, is dying and it seems that the peddling of military security is set to replace the system of rights, opportunities and freedoms that have been the championed causes of the American Republic that created its global strength, respect and influence ever since its founding.

This morning's London meeting and Press conference with US President Donald Trump and NATO's Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in my opinion, affirmed a step back from democracy and a move toward a propulsion of the sale of military security.

Trump's bragging to a reporter that months ago South Korea had agreed to pay another $500 million to the US for security in respect to keeping 32,000 US troops on the Korean peninsula, was another affirmation of the sale of security as a new norm superseding the spread of democracy. He said the new payment from South Korea, which he described as a "rich country", would nearly double its contribution to close to $1 billion for providing security.

Trump again reaffirmed the peddling of security as the new norm as he confirmed that US troops were in Saudi Arabia, which has paid "billions" to the US that were "already in the bank". And yes the president did mention the sales and prospective sales of F-35s fighter jets to the Saudi Kingdom. Yet, there were no references whatsoever to democracy.

Saying he thinks "NATO should always be in dialogue with Russia," sentiments also shared by the NATO secretary general, Trump disclosed that "Russia wants to make a deal on arms control and on nuclear", yet again with no reference to democracy.

However, both the American president and former two-term prime minister of Norway, both placed the People's Republic of China (PRC) in their cross hairs. Both identified China as a main source of concern as both appear to give Vladimir Putin and Russia an easy pass in order to zero-in on the coveted rise of China and its people. As Trump stated: "China has been ripping off the US for many years."

So instead of pledging to work with China toward global benefits, the US President and the NATO Secretary General, have agreed on a pass for Russia and a focus on China's rise. Yet, the peddling of military security remains in lieu of any ideological advancement for democracy.