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My Blog

How People Become Radicalized

People become radicalized after winding up on the wrong side of any battle, especially when such a fight was a bloody and passionate attempt to right historical wrongs. 

Whether or not that battle be economic, social or political, it is the sheer sum of experiences and impacted events upon the people that caused the wrong sidedness, which in turn, incubates radicalization.

Ending up on the wrong side of any battle is not necessarily as cut and dry as the two-choice option of heads or tails resulting from a coin-toss. Often, conditions that render most people on the worn side of the battle, are complicated and tainted by the actions of men. Promises are broken, ideology betrayed, protection withdrawn and political benefits changed, among other things.

Moreover, people become radicalized to varying degrees and that depth of radicalization is dependent upon the extent of betrayal. 

So where on Earth are the most likely places that could witness radicalization or greater radicalization in the coming months? I opine: Northern Syria - the Kurdish occupied area; wider Syria; Yemen; Iraq; Egypt; Palestine; Venezuela; Somalia; and all the other places where people are denied redress of grievances and where fundamental human rights are abridged.