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On the Fallacy of Overpopulation as a Causation of Climate Change

First, let me salute all of the children of the world for being born; welcome to life and welcome to Planet Earth - your presence, your education and your good works will go father than previous generations to ensuring a more sustainable, peaceful and empathetic environment.

Yet, children, as you traverse the corridors of your globe, you'll encounter an often repeated fallacy that claims your births as overpopulation, hence being a causation of Climate Change. Hogwash! Rubbish! 

Though population and alleged overpopulation might be associated with Climate Change, they are not the causes of Climate Change. Climate Change is fueled by the proliferate burning of fossil fuels and certainly not because of a 'bundle-of-joy' being born somewhere on Planet Earth.

This fallacy of population as a causation of most of the world's ills has been edging its way into mainstream-thought ever since 1798, when British Scholar, Thomas Malthus, theorized of a likely population collapse as population increased and the struggle intensified for limited resources. Wars, famines and other calamities were thought to bring population to a collapse. Yet, in more than two-centuries, humanity has kept ahead of any impending population collapse. 

More than anything else, and whether or not Malthus realized it or not, his collapse theory simply explained nature's means of striking a balance between population and resources. 

The Population Bomb, a population crisis work written in the 1960s by American conservation biologist, Paul Ehrlich, of Stanford University, suggested hundreds of millions of people would have died in the 1970s from starvation. That never occurred and according to  wikipedia.org , "Ehrlich has acknowledged that some of what he predicted has not occurred, but maintains that his predictions about disease and climate change were essentially correct (even though the book never mentions climate) and that human overpopulation is a major problem." In the history of humankind, there have been events of wars, famines and diseases. Humanity has still survived.

If overpopulation occurs when a species' population exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological limit, then Planet Earth is not overpopulated. The world, in spite of its many pressures, has not reached an unsustainable level that threatens total depletion of resources. And population is not the driving factor of Climate Change.

Talk of overpopulation is quickly pointed toward developing nations as though these nations and peoples should stop bearing children. Preposterous! Ehrlich and others would readily admit that developing nations leave the least carbon footprint of all nations and that the culprits driving Climate Change are industrialized developed nations. Thus, high fertility rates cannot be the driving force of Climate Change, but large consumption and use of fossil fuels are rightfully suspect.

Today's children - the likes of Swedish school girl, Greta Thunberg, and others, stand to contribute more via education and technology toward sustaining a healthier environment than any older generation. And if fallible assumptions of overpopulation as a causation of Climate Change were ever heeded to the extreme, Planet Earth would have lost multiple generations of children born to redeem the ills of old and dying men. Here's to all the children - those already born, and those who will be born.