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The Exacerbation of the Struggle for Life Forced by Climate Change

Charles Darwin in his Origin of the Species either knowingly or unknowingly dealt with a form of the effects of Climate Change upon some plant and animal species. Even though Climate Change in the time of Darwin was not as accelerated, dire or potentially damning as it is today, the British Naturalist, via his study, revealed unto humankind the profound and inevitable changes Climate could exert upon species.

Climate Change to Darwin was a glorious occurrence of species adapting to new environs without the impact of humans upon their systems. Darwin's observation was noted evolution in the absence of the direct impact of humans upon change. But humanity's hands have now touched and littered most things under the Sun.

With that said and against today's background of a waning Climate - something apparently, only the young people of the world seem willing to spur action to combat;  it could therefore be inferred that humanity's exacerbation of the struggle for life would be forced by Climate Change.

Climate Change posing death to systems and species could spawn unprecedented actions by humans to stay alive. The scope of such actions would not be limited to protests, demonstrations and marches, but will encompass hot conflicts, forced migration, chaotic anarchy, desperate alliances and stark violence.

Massive stockpiles of high technological weapons possessed by one and not another would not be sufficient to deter the weaponless from exerting the human will to survive. The haves will not be able to direct armies upon the raw cravings of the have-nots in the quest to have something. 

The exacerbation of the struggle for life forced by Climate Change will mark an era of tremendous collapses - an era of wars in the most daring times - political wars, social wars and economic wars. Men and women will have to decide between unitary selfishness or cooperative survival. Such are the possibilities that await humanity in lieu of immediate action upon Climate Change.