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September 2019

An Immediate European Defense Assurance to Ukraine is Needed

Given the continuing threat Ukraine faces from being invaded by Russia, which has already annexed Ukraine's Crimea, and amid Ukraine's ties to an active inquiry before the United States (US) Congress that could result in the impeachment of President Donald Trump, Ukraine remains very vulnerable to an even greater risk of an attack upon its sovereignty.

That there is no guarantee of any US action to fend off a possible attack upon Ukraine's sovereignty, Europe, in particular the European Union (EU), and NATO, should therefore, step up to provide some assurance to Ukrainians that Europe stands with them.

Nothing Short of an International Effort could Combat Climate Change

[Note that the opening of Impeachment proceedings against United States (US) President Donald Trump will not be comprehensively covered here while the matter works it way through the appropriate phases. I'm not a fan of the divisive and isolationist US President, yet I believe some matters, even some relating to the Executive, are best left to due process and not opinion.]

With that said and onto a matter of immediate concern, I will therefore opine that nothing short of an international effort could combat Climate Change.

The Exacerbation of the Struggle for Life Forced by Climate Change

Charles Darwin in hisOrigin of the Specieseither knowingly or unknowingly dealt with a form of the effects of Climate Change upon some plant and animal species. Even though Climate Change in the time of Darwin was not as accelerated, dire or potentially damning as it is today, the British Naturalist, via his study, revealed unto humankind the profound and inevitable changes Climate could exert upon species.

Climate Change to Darwin was a glorious occurrence of species adapting to new environs without the impact of humans upon their systems.

A Strike, a March and a Notice for Climate Action - Decisions Sought

The children of the world gathered in masses to #SchoolStrike last Friday in many places around the four-corners of the globe to demand action on Climate Change from decision makers.

They marched to serve notice that they fear for their futures under the current trajectory of Climate Change. And, again today, Swedish school girl Greta Thunberg and other youth climate activists, scolded business and political leaders for their blatant in action on Climate Change at the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, in New York City, New York.

School Strike Children, Strike! Strike for Climate - Strike for Your Futures

As the father of four-sons, I've often insisted that should they ever see a "good fight, get into it". This Friday's Global Climate Strike is a good fight and I encourage all of the world's youth to join in the movement.

In over 800 United States (US) cities and in hundreds of others across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, tens of thousands of school children - mainly High School and Middle School children - Generation X, will school strike for Climate Change. They will join a growing movement of #FridaysForFuture to implore decisions makers to do more to protect the environment - their environment, their futures and their future world.

An Uncharted Future of Humanity - New Annals Toward Continuity

Political, social, economic and environmental pressures are forcing humanity into an unprecedented era of uncertainty. 

Once harbored confidence and security toward a bright tomorrow, are being replaced by angst, instability and a changing environment amid a broadening blight of a stronger possibility of more hot conflicts. 

Hence, an uncharted future awaits humanity as new undefined chapters are to be etched into the annals of the continuity of the human species on Planet Earth.

But a scripted future - a future of peace, progress and protection of the environment, is not out of the reach of humanity.

Conflict and the Protection of Oil

Whether or not United States (US) President Donald Trump is really "lock and loaded" to respond to the accused group or State responsible for last Saturday's attack upon Saudi Arabia's oil fields, one thing appears as disturbingly true: that the Kingdom's source of wealth supersedes the right to life, liberty and determination of all the war-torn people of Yemen and Syria as well as the disenfranchised people of Palestine.

Trump's quick verbal response to the oilfields attack, which has been blamed on Iran, is indicative of the long standing capitalist preference to place protection of economic goods over the well being of communities of nations and peoples, thus displaying a clear deference to executing conflict in the protection of oil and such.

On Undue Punishment - Lessons not Learned from History

I submit that a reason for humanity's continuous failings is the non-credence of lessons of the effects of the application of undue punishment upon people and societies.

The rise of Adolf Hitler's Nazis to inflict genocide upon an unsuspecting world resulted from the direct imposition of undue punishment on Germany for its actions during World War I. Thus, the destructive World War II was largely enabled by extreme punishment upon a society. 

In lieu of undue punishment upon Germany after World War II, a more pragmatic reconstruction Marshall Plan is widely credited with holding relative peace in Europe for over 75-years, with the exception of Russia expansions and Balkan events.

Insidious Antics of some Men to Attain Power Despite Dangerous Ramifications

Facing a possible dead-heat election next Tuesday and clamoring to hold onto power, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that if he is reelected next week, he would annex parts of the occupied West Bank, lands already claimed by Palestine for a future independent state.

The insidious antic by Netanyahu, leader of the right-wing Likud party, was obviously made to appeal to right-wing leaning Israelis and to Israeli right-wing parties, with whom he might need in order to hang onto power and to form a new government.

Stark Warnings from the Environment - Unprecedented Climate Events

From deadly scorching heat waves to damaging unpredictable hurricanes hurling copious amounts of rain and perishing winds, the environment has, yet again, delivered unto humanity, stark catastrophic realities of climatic events brought to wrought by global warming. 

As the Bahamas continue recovery efforts and to tally damages and deaths from last week's Hurricane Dorian, France, is confirming the deaths of 1,435 people in two spates of record breaking heat waves this summer.

Hurricane Dorian battered the northern Bahamas for more than 36-hours last week with winds of 185-miles-per-hour and with rainfall measured in feet rather than inches.