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Undue Pressure upon Humanity - Man-made and Widening

Inaction on Climate Change, hot conflicts, instigated strife, an unnecessary trade war, dangerous rhetoric, an itchy desire to use nuclear weapons, right wing and populist divisions, and apathy are all man-made events and attitudes that are placing undue pressure upon the human species. These circumstances are dominating and defining our modern times. 

The Amazon is on fire and so are large swaths of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola; Syria and Yemen are still engulfed with conflict; and some world leaders continue to stoke hate, trade wars, agitations and division, thus dwarfing healthy human development.

The present course of affairs forced onto humankind by key powerful leaders, is not inevitable. If most of humanity desire a better, happier, safer, healthier and more peaceful future, then it is within the scope of the people to demand, to gain and to attain a sustainable continuity of our species. 

But to achieve this, the people must stand - and stand for what is good, fair and healthy for all of the people and our Planet. Swedish 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, though so very young, has humbly and respectfully reminded humanity of what we could do across all ages to protect our environment. 

As she sailed into New York City, New York, last night, after a 15-day journey by boat across the Atlantic Ocean from Plymouth, the United Kingdom (UK), to stimulate action on Climate Change and to address Climate Change summits in New York and in Chile, South America, the admirable and Nobel Peace Prize-worthy young Swede's endeavors should be more than sufficient to implore adults to act - not only on Climate Change, but also to find solutions to hot conflicts, strife, trade wars, dangerous rhetoric, an uneasy resort to nuclear weapons, right wing and populist divisions as well as turning apathy into empathy.

We the people - the people of Planet Earth, are capable of turning current pressures into pleasures of healthy coexistence, but we must act and stand now - stand for empathy, peace, equality, the rule of law and a healthy environment.