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The Future of Humanity Rests with Our Young People

My third son - 13-years-old (and I already have two Ivy League college grads), started his High School education this morning, here in Washington, DC. He was joined by his brother, my fourth son, who started Seventh grade along with tens of thousands of other students, who returned to school here in the United States (US), signaling the end of Summer vacation, 2019, for a number of young people. 

Seeing my children and their peers return to school, I'm reminded that amid current and widening man-made events of division, insecurity and blatant adult disregard for our natural environment, that humanity's best hope for continuity of the human species on Planet Earth, squarely rests with our children.

Faced with the tragedy of a burning Amazon rainforest, willful acts to divide people, the absurdity of deploying bombs into the eye of hurricanes, a deepening trade war, catastrophic events of Climate Change, conflicts in Syria, Yemen and elsewhere and a number of other difficulties, today's young people are aware of the impotence of adult government leaders to sustain peace and security and protection of the environment in the current world. 

As a result of humanitarian and environmental deeds performed by their peers like Swedish school girl and ecologist, Greta Thunberg and others, many more young people have become aware of the acute nature of humanity's current affairs and they are pledging and committing themselves to the preservation of Planet Earth, especially in light of the inaction of aging and dying men to create and maintain a healthy environment and future for today's youth.

Like many of your daughters and sons, I too hope that all of my sons will approach the future with a view to wrestling coherent control of humankind's continuity away from stubborn, manic and apathetic men. Therefore, I stand in readiness to support our young people over all enemies that threaten the future of all of our children.