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My Blog

Evolving Progress, Aspirations and Associated Trials

It's that time of the year in most of the peaceful lands across the globe, when witness is borne to the development and progress of many young people transitioning in education via promotion to higher grades, graduations from High Schools and Colleges, along with numerous entries into Secondary Schools and institutions of higher learning. 

These are the good evolving progresses of the human species offering hope to a better Planet Earth of peace, security, happiness and the rule of law. 

Yet, there are some expressed aspirations of various peoples that are being tried in harsh attempts to derail and to defer manifestations to liberty. The people of Hong Kong, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Myanmar, Libya and elsewhere are examples of trials facing the masses. 

More widely, environmental damages because of Climate Change remain a troubling reality of a true and present danger facing humanity. 

Also, political agitations, accusations, populism and right wing pests from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas continue to complicate the current affairs of the humankind.

Despite current and developing strains to the secure and happy continuity of the human species, hope for a prosperous future squarely rests with the World's youth and their advancing education toward the fulfillment of all good aspirations. 

[Note that plaguing technical difficulties with my Internet publisher continue to hamper my daily writing of this Blog. I'm in the process of securing alternatives in order to continue my fight on behalf of all humanity - a process, I started back in 2013. Thanks for your readership. I wish you well.]