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Toward Fixing the Cycle of Global Instability for the Sake of the Environment

Since descending from brachiating among the trees, the human species has remarkably developed into today's highly technological age. From the discovery of fire, to the advent of the wheel, to specialized agriculture, skills and dwellings, to industrial revolutions and established motorized travel and air flights, to the routine of space exploration and satellite launches, science and technology have enabled an easier existence on Planet Earth.

Humans have moved beyond absolute subjection to monarchs to the founding of the principles of the rights of man, republics, communities and the multilateralism of international organizations and trade. Serfdom, institutionalized slavery and indentureship have given away to specialized divisions of labor and varying professions. Humanity has also witnessed the eradication of many diseases and the development of new medicines and devices to treat once-fatal and other conditions, thus prolonging and expanding humankind's life span.

Yet, within the last century, two World Wars, ideological agitations, conflicts, famine and other conditions have threatened to descend humanity back into the Dark Age. But through alliances, multilateralism and an unyielding resolve to continuity of the species, humanity has made it to this 2019. 

The present era is not without causes for alarm. Degradation of the natural, the social and the political environment present clear and present dangers to humanity with an even greater fear of the effects thereof. Threats of nuclear war, conflict, authoritarianism, populism, right wing agitations, isolationism and ramifications of Climate Change are at hand, thus representing another cycle in the too often occurrence of global instability.

This is not an unpreventable event. Therefore, in order to fix any current or breeding conditions of global instability so as to free up all hands to assist with the behemoth task of repairing and sustaining the natural environment, then historical wrongs should be made right, all human rights preserved, a homeland guaranteed to all peoples and the opportunity to be free and happy extended to all peoples within a framework of the rule of law.