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Reactionary Violence - a Sad Reality of Agitated Times

Lessons taken from stark terror events in Sri Lanka, New Zealand, France, the United States (US), Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom (UK), the Philippines and other jurisdictions, must include the sad, yet true, reality that the human species has entered a destabilizing era of unconceivable violence marked by hatred, fallible ideology and gut wrenching reactionary violence.

While it remains impossible to fix every individual on Planet Earth to act, live and behave civilly as a measure to eradicating terror, there are concerted actions and policies that governments and peoples could employ toward minimizing the too often occurrences of the barbaric exercise of the cult of violence.

Humanity has to become more tolerant and accepting of all peoples in spite of color, creed, class or national origin. Equality must be real. Moreover, in discouraging violence, empathy must replace apathy. Racial and religious agitations should yield to integration and interfaith programs. Leaders, who have stoked division as a means to attaining a populist agenda, must desist from those fracturing actions. Leaders must be fast to condemning each and all incidents of violence.

Also, as further steps toward peace and stability, such policies - the like that have seen an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier shoot an unarmed, running away, handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinian teenager, must end. Historical wrongs should be made right. Acknowledgment must be accepted of every human being to a homeland, to life, liberty and happiness. 

It is possible to combat worsening reactionary violence. Not by more violence. But by humankind working, living and accepting each other as one equal connected organism that depends on the sum of all the parts - the different peoples, in order to ensure the continuity of the human race.