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The U.S.A and the Americas - an Initiated Divorce of Influence

The first signs of an inevitable divorce over relations and influence between the United States of America (USA) and the nations to its south, became more of a reality as Donald Trump entered the Oval Office promising to build a wall along the US southern border.

Though the wall has, thus far, failed to materialize, Trump and his policy toward Latin America has not wavered in an all-out drive to stop illegal immigration of Latin Americans into the US. As efforts to fund Trump's wall have been rebuffed by the US Congress, Trump has doubled-down on his efforts via an Executive Order to find the money for building the wall from somewhere within the US government coffers and not from Mexico, from which Trump often said would be the source paying for the wall.

Trump's blatant fight with Latin American immigration to appease his xenophobic base brings the secondary effect of eroding American influence to the fore in the south of the Americas. 

Trump's last week trumping of aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, affirms that the US will now divorce from whatever little influence it still has in the Americas. 

Now that the Soviet Union has dissolved and the Cold War has ended, the US divorce from Latin America could surely spark a new era in the region of former military dictatorships, civil wars, Soviet influence and human rights abusing regimes. If the Cold War was still current, then the Trump administration would certainly not act as it has toward Latin America. 

Thus, like a cheap harlot used for sole immediate services of a past time, Central American nations and possibly soon, more nations of the Americas, could learn that Trump's America has no further use for them. Trump's withholding of some $500 million in aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, confirms that the US initiated divorce of influence over Latin America has officially started hereby paving the way for another influencer to emerge in the lands south of the USA.