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To Live or to Survive - the Options before Humanity

In the environmentally-conscious illustrated children's book, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, which covers the plight, and yet the wisdom of the native peoples of the Americas, one of the characters in the work of author Susan Jeffers describes a very noteworthy time of reality, when change pushes humanity to a point to reach the "end of living and the beginning of survival". 

Yes, the "end of living and the beginning of survival". Although Ms Jeffers's work covers an ancient culture, it certainly has modern day implications, for in our 2019, the human species on Planet Earth from Africa to Asia, from Europe to the Americas and Oceania, all face similar options: to live or to merely survive.

In Africa, inherited economic pressures and all the associated effects from years of colonial domination and pillage have rendered today's continent with a litany of problems from underdevelopment and prolonged dictatorship. Most of Africa is surviving and not living. In Asia, a similar reality is present. In Europe, the United Kingdom (UK) is faced with a pretentious Brexit; in France, yellow vests protests and government departures add to a growing test for President Emmanuel Macron; in Hungary, Viktor Orban's xenophobic policies threaten to upset the balance of the EU; in Italy, an inexperienced government threatens greater EU integration; in Germany, an ever-present far right presents peculiar problems to Chancellor Angela Merkel's government; in Spain, the manifestation of Catalans to independence challenges the status quo of the old colonial master; and other concerns across the continent ask whether or not Europeans want to live or to merely survive. 

Donald Trump's administration of division and isolation in the United States (US) also demands a determination to live or to survive. And so are the options from Venezuela, to El Salvador, to Brazil, to Honduras, to Barbados, to Trinidad and Tobago, to Haiti and elsewhere.

Overwhelmingly, the human species will often opt to live rather than to merely survive. Living is an expression of happiness enjoyed in an environment of freedom, equality, safety and the rule of law. Survival is to eke out a living and livelihood in difficult and trying conditions. Therefore, humanity should reject survival and decisively opt to live. Let us live friends!