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The Far Right: more Bark than Bite - an Intent to Intimidate

Ever since last Friday's terror attack by a far right converter upon innocent Muslim worshipers at prayers, at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, social and political pundits have brought to the fore discussions about the prevalence and danger posed to the general public from right wingers. 

Based upon the continuing discussions about the far right from Europe to Australia, to the United States (US), to New Zealand and elsewhere in the wake of last week's massacre of 50 innocents in New Zealand, the far right is actually fulfilling its goal of intimidation of the general public as a means of forcing people into accepting the fallible and divisive antics of their populist leaders. 

The progressive spirit and sound intelligence are realities of the modern era that accord the easy rejection of the doomed ideology of the far right to a nuisance of a loud bark rather than a rabid bite. Yet, it doesn't preclude conniving leaders of the far right from seeking to influence marginal loners to carry our gross grievous acts in support of a lost cause. Thus, there have been attacks upon innocents in still too many places including a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The far right's antiquated ideology poses its own inevitable demise. Its hope for loners to inflict intimidation upon a resolute public will not withstand the defense of the people or any reciprocal actions. 

Therefore, it is in the best interest of global stability that the far right recoils its big bark thus allowing humanity to progress in the absence of unnecessary violent asides.