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March 2019

Dispelling Convention - Toward a New Dawn in Human Achievement

That history has been what it has been been  - filled with strife, violence, division, war, suffering and pain should be more than enough to wish for a new dawn, a new day, a new beginning and a new era with the rising of every sun. 

That history has been replete with events of great tragedy, therefore, should accord an easy credence to dispelling all presently held conventions and to providing  a willingness to readily work toward a new dawn in humanity's greater development.

The notion that there must be a struggle before a period of bounty should be dispelled.

An Investigation, a Report and a Summary - Yet, No Public Knowledge

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into some circumstances surrounding the 2016 United States (US) Presidential Election, has been completed. The mandate to look into any collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia, is done. 

Mueller reportedly tendered a 300-page report to US Attorney General William Barr, who apparently offered a mere four-page synopsis of the report to the US Legislature. There's been no publication of the investigative report. 

The failure of the investigative process not to automatically release to the public the findings of the Special Counsel, is an unfortunate indication of an inherent weakness within the Republican form of democracy, as practiced in the US.

To Live or to Survive - the Options before Humanity

In the environmentally-conscious illustrated children's book,Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, which covers the plight, and yet the wisdom of the native peoples of the Americas, one of the characters in the work of author Susan Jeffers describes a very noteworthy time of reality, when change pushes humanity to a point to reach the "end of living and the beginning of survival". 

Yes, the "end of living and the beginning of survival". Although Ms Jeffers's work covers an ancient culture, it certainly has modern day implications, for in our 2019, the human species on Planet Earth from Africa to Asia, from Europe to the Americas and Oceania, all face similar options: to live or to merely survive.

A Technical Test

This is a test of the operation of technical components associated with the publishing of My Blog at www.communityaffairsconsultants.com.

Technical Difficulties

My website - www.communityaffairsconsultants.com, continues to be plagued by technical difficulties beyond my control that prevent my timely and usual publishing of My Blog. I apologize to all my readers. Should this problem persist, I will be forced to change Internet publishers even though I've utilized my present one ever since 2013.

Arrival of Spring 2019 - Continuity of the People Toward Purpose and Fulfillment

The Spring Equinox 2019 arrives in the Northern Hemisphere just before 6:00 DST, this evening, and with its arrival comes a time of flora renewal, fauna procreation, expectant warmer temperatures, the associated lush greenery and the ritual and reality of shedding winter's bulky gear for closer bodily shaped outfits in celebration of the period of rejuvenation.

Spring also beckons and affirms the continuity of the human species to find purpose and fulfillment hear on Planet Earth. Therefore, the expected warmer temperatures and flower blooms of the season could intensify the propensity of the people within their existing queries, wants, desires, struggles and intents.

The Far Right: more Bark than Bite - an Intent to Intimidate

Ever since last Friday's terror attack by a far right converter upon innocent Muslim worshipers at prayers, at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, social and political pundits have brought to the fore discussions about the prevalence and danger posed to the general public from right wingers. 

Based upon the continuing discussions about the far right from Europe to Australia, to the United States (US), to New Zealand and elsewhere in the wake of last week's massacre of 50 innocents in New Zealand, the far right is actually fulfilling its goal of intimidation of the general public as a means of forcing people into accepting the fallible and divisive antics of their populist leaders.

To Restrain the Cult of Violence

Any held assumption that violence is an inevitable facet of human relations should be summarily rejected. While being overly possible and present, violence could never be accepted as an inevitable feature of the human experience. Therefore, it should become abundantly clear and thus necessary to restrain the cult of violence at every possible opportunity.

Massacres, mass killings and other grievous forms of the execution of stark violence should not be allowed to become commonplace to a point where average people shrug off major incidents as part of any new normal.

The Reciprocal of Right Wing Violence - a Factor not to be Awaken: for Peace Sake

The white nationalist/supremacist who unleashed a torrent of deadly violence upon peaceful Muslim prayers last Friday, in Christ Church, New Zealand, allegedly wanted to unleash fear upon nonwhites. His intent under no circumstances would ever be realized.

Yet, that the Australian terrorist, who killed 50 innocents and injured dozens more in his two-Mosques attack last Friday, claimed the hope of causing fear among nonwhites as one of the intents of his despicable act, therefore represents a further misgiving and stark failure of right wingers and white nationalists in assuming that today's people are of yesteryear's ethos.

The Christchurch Massacre - a Fruition of Right Wing Rhetoric and a Reality of Hate

The sown deadly seed of hate that has been planted by hate mongers and by those seeking to divide the world's people, came to a violent fruition yesterday, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Forty-nine unarmed people at the most sacred of venues - a place of worship, were massacred by a white terrorist acting upon the dangerously held ill-fated ideology of white supremacy.

I offer my deepest condolences to the loved ones of those deceased and I pray for their faithful strength during a time of great sorrow.