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An East-West Divide over Venezuela - Defining New Alliances

Venezuela's political crisis has been exacerbated by a new European Union (EU) statement of support for opposition head, Juan Guaido as interim leader over the defiant President Nicolas Maduro, who has defied European ultimatums to call new elections.

The EU's announcement of support for the Venezuelan opposition leader, who proclaimed his own ascension to the presidency at a rally, and not after a vote, last month, comes along with the already recognition of Juaido by the US, Canada, Australia and many Latin American nations. Yet, Nicaragua, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, Bolivia, Cuba and a handful of other nations, continue to stand by Maduro's legitimacy to a second-term as president in Venezuela, thus setting up a fresh East- West divide, reminiscent of the Cold War era.

The United Kingdom (UK), Spain, France and Germany that last week gave Maduro an ultimatum to call  new elections or risk their recognition of Guaido as interim president, confirmed their recognition of the opposition leader as interim president earlier today. Other EU nations have also followed suit endorsing a statement rejecting Maduro. 

Venezuelan election records show Maduro was re-elected as president last May with some 68% of the popular vote. The opposition and those nations supporting Guaido have charged that the elections were not fair.

With growing international pressure from nations, imperialists and colonialists upon Maduro to quit his presidency, it appears that the only way he could then stay in power, would be through the backing and support of the Venezuelan army and his supporters in the East, to wit: Russia and China. Thus, a new era of defined alliances has emerged out of Venezuela's bad economic and political predicament.