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Declaration of a National Emergency in the U.S. - Trump's Immigration Policy
Remembering Parkland - a Year after the School Massacre
Toward the Preservation of Democracy
Democracy goes on Trial in Spain - Catalonia Independence Leaders Face a Madrid Court
The Glory and Trials of Revolution

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February 2019

Declaration of a National Emergency in the U.S. - Trump's Immigration Policy

Admitting "...I didn't need to do this", United States (US) President Donald Trump nonetheless today, moved to declare a national emergency to attain funding for a wall along the southern border with Mexico to repel what he described as drugs, people and gangs from entering the US.

While legal challenges to the declaration are expected, Trump's action would make available billions of dollars from the military construction budget and elsewhere for the president to do as he deems fit per his wall, if allowed by law.

Remembering Parkland - a Year after the School Massacre

It was a year-ago today that tragedy unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Broward County, Florida. Seventeen students and staff were killed at a mass shooting.

Instead of exchanging niceties and chocolates on Valentines Day, 2018, students at the United States (US) high school, wept and mourned over the blood of their innocent peers and teachers, who had fallen to a mass killers bullets within their institution of education.

That horror in Parkland a year-ago has joined places like Columbine, Sandy Hook and others in becoming deathly synonyms of arenas of the too often occurrence of  mass gun violence in the US.

Toward the Preservation of Democracy

If democracy as a system of "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is to be preserved, then today's democracies must desist from stoking direct regime change within governmental systems deemed non-democratic. Democracies must lead by example and by socio-economic gains that ought to be sufficient to force non-democracies to conform to the system of the people - democracy.

The current push back against democracy worldwide comes not from opposition to the ideals of the system, but against the deeds of democracies for trying to wrangle and to influence other nations to adopt a foreign system equipped with all foreign characteristics and bearing no compromise to adapt to local ethos.

Democracy goes on Trial in Spain - Catalonia Independence Leaders Face a Madrid Court

The system of democracy went on trial in Madrid, Spain, earlier today, with the trial of 12-leaders of Spain's Catalonia region in connection with the democratic process of holding a referendum in 2017 on Catalonia's independence bid from Spain. Charges of rebellion, sedition and misuse of public funds have been leveled against the Catalan 12 for holding the referendum. 

While right wing and Spanish monarchists might be calling for severe punishment of the Catalan 12, the emphatic truth remains that the Catalans are only guilty of conducting a peaceful process of the system of democracy for getting a vote from the people of their region.

The Glory and Trials of Revolution

Many of today's highly developed and advanced peoples and societies are products of political revolutions. This fact stands as an affirmation of the glory of the exercise of the people in bringing about immediate political, social and economic change to better themselves and to secure a better future for their generations. 

Noted revolutions have been: the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the Chinese revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the Haitian Revolution and the Iranian Revolution, to name a few.

America's Existing Racist Blight - Virginia's Version

Despite major civil rights legislations in the 1960s, advancements in race relations, housing, education and integration, the United States (US) continues to battle a reality of bad race relations. Black Americans continue to be victims of a highly developed economic system that they have made possible with sweat and blood via many years of slavery and segregation, but continue to be denied full rights and benefits of equality because of mere skin color. 

The strange political crisis playing out in the US State of Virginia, is but another example of America's racist blight.

...on past transgressions and seeming perpetual punishment

In the Bible, the horrible wolf - Saul of Tarsus, repents his violent persecution of Christians. He converts and he goes on to become the Apostle Paul or Saint Paul, as he is known to most people. He is quoted widely and accepted as one of the most pivoting and important leaders of the early Christian Church.

That was Saul back in the first century. If he lived today, would he suffer a seemingly perpetual punishment for his early transgressions? Is there a point in life that relieves the individual of the nonsense committed as a youth or as a young adult?

The Toxicity of Hate Past and Present - Stark Truths in the 'Old Dominion'

As if it was wasn't bad enough to witness Governor Ralph Northam become embattled in racist antics of his past  in the 'Old Dominion' -  the State of Virginia, but to also have Attorney General Mark Herring, another Democrat, admit to his voluntary exercise in the wearing of similar images of hate, all certainly underscore the toxicity of hate back then and still today, in Virginia, which state capitol, Richmond, doubled as a capital of the racist confederacy.

Last Saturday, Northam admitted to images in his medical school yearbook depicting himself in 'blackface' and along side a character in a white hood, symbolic of the 'Klan' that has run rampant throughout Virginia and southern states for decades.

Toward a Return to Rational Thought

Humanity, in spite of great innovations and advances in science, technology and discovery, remains very much under stained man-made pressure. The effects of conflict, idealism, agitation, division, hate and inaction on environmental protections demand a more rational response than that presently given.

Nuclear proliferation and human insecurity beg a rational response set against a concerning scientifically proven warming climate. The priorities and means to the continuity of the human species cannot be accomplished amid a new nuclear arms race, hate, division and a failing environment.

The Real State of the Union - Concerning

The state of the union of the American Republic has often been good and strong -  secured under the institutions and systems of democracy, preserved by the practices of freedom, equality, opportunity and the rule of law. 

For many years, the cherished humanitarian component of the character of the United States (US), has facilitated the Republic's rise to the world's largest economy via cutting edge innovation and great advances in science and technology, while under the protection of  a world-leading modern military that has ensured tranquil domestic habitation and protection to overseas interests and allies.