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February 2019

Toward Reconciliation and Tolerance in India and Pakistan

Reconciliation of relationships and tolerance of differences are essential to the long term security and stability of any region and especially in areas where historical conflict has been commonplace. 

Therefore, with regards to the current tension between India and Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir region, it would be in the best interest of both nations to seek reconciliation of their relationship and to forge ahead with a plan of tolerance of their inherent differences.

Even though the post independence period of both nations has been rife with strife, today, both India and Pakistan stand in a unique position to buck historical violence and to adopt a modern civil course of good relations. This could become possible only if both nations take follower-influencing politics out of the reality and seriousness of the importance of sound security in the region.

India and Pakistan - Actors in an Inevitable Defining Fight

Recently, a deadly attack was carried out upon Indian soldiers in the disputed northern region of Kashmir - a volatile area in the north of both India and Pakistan, which is mostly Muslim populated, but administered by both Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan.

While, an obscure group known to frequent a remote section of Pakistan reportedly admitted blame for the deadly event, India blamed Pakistani complacency for allowing the attack. Pakistan denied any guilt.

Then, earlier today, in retaliation for that event, Indian aircraft bombed places within Pakistan-administered Kashmir, bringing condemnation from Pakistan and a vow to respond in its own time and manner to the cross border assault.

An ICJ Ruling Toward the Sun Setting of the System of Empire

In a stunning rebuke to the system of Empire, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), at the Hague, Netherlands, the United Nations (UN) highest court, has ruled that the United Kingdom (UK) should end its colonial control over the Chagos Islands, in the Indian Ocean. 

The Court said the UK must return the Indian Ocean islands to Mauritius from which it was taken in 1965, as part of a deal toward Mauritius gaining independence in 1968. The International Court also found that the UK had wrongfully evicted some 2,000 Chagossians from Diego Garcia atoll in the 1970s, to make way for a United States (US) air base.

The Inevitable Defining Fight

From creation and/or evolution, the human species and other organisms have continuously struggled to survive - a survival, which essentially, determines the preservation of favored organisms, therefore ensuring the continuity of life on Planet Earth. Hence, the biological process of sustaining life on Earth also has an application to the political, social and economic order of humanity. 

As developed adapted folks thrive in ideal social and economic conditions and environments, perpetual change offers no guarantee to their continued survival nor to any fallible claims of dominance over less developed people or environs.

Fighting the Good Causes


A Test of Technical Workability

This is a test to determine whether or not my Internet publisher has fixed the bugs that have prevented the normal operation of my website - www.communityaffairsconsultants.com.

Repatriating the Youth of the Islamic State

Youth and adult citizens of all nations do commit major mistakes at varying times along the adventures of life - this is an accepted fact of the imperfection of humanity. Therefore, any desire to repatriate from youth, who had left their western homes at the height of the Syrian war to join the Islamic State (IS) caliphate in Syria and Iraq, should be accepted and considered. 

But recent reports regarding the expressed will to repatriate by youth from both Europe and the United States (US), have been met with great criticism and in some instances, by blatant refusal to permit the citizens back into their countries.

Declaration of a National Emergency in the U.S. - Trump's Immigration Policy

Admitting "...I didn't need to do this", United States (US) President Donald Trump nonetheless today, moved to declare a national emergency to attain funding for a wall along the southern border with Mexico to repel what he described as drugs, people and gangs from entering the US.

While legal challenges to the declaration are expected, Trump's action would make available billions of dollars from the military construction budget and elsewhere for the president to do as he deems fit per his wall, if allowed by law.

Remembering Parkland - a Year after the School Massacre

It was a year-ago today that tragedy unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Broward County, Florida. Seventeen students and staff were killed at a mass shooting.

Instead of exchanging niceties and chocolates on Valentines Day, 2018, students at the United States (US) high school, wept and mourned over the blood of their innocent peers and teachers, who had fallen to a mass killers bullets within their institution of education.

That horror in Parkland a year-ago has joined places like Columbine, Sandy Hook and others in becoming deathly synonyms of arenas of the too often occurrence of  mass gun violence in the US.

Toward the Preservation of Democracy

If democracy as a system of "government of the people, by the people, for the people" is to be preserved, then today's democracies must desist from stoking direct regime change within governmental systems deemed non-democratic. Democracies must lead by example and by socio-economic gains that ought to be sufficient to force non-democracies to conform to the system of the people - democracy.

The current push back against democracy worldwide comes not from opposition to the ideals of the system, but against the deeds of democracies for trying to wrangle and to influence other nations to adopt a foreign system equipped with all foreign characteristics and bearing no compromise to adapt to local ethos.