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To Stand with the People is to Stand with the Workers

The people and the workers are inseparable: the people are the workers - the workers are the people. Thus, as it is fallible to separate workers from the people and vice versa, it is a similar error to inflict punishment on students for standing with workers for doing so would be penalizing an inherent responsibility of the people within the state to better the conditions of the proletariat. 

Therefore, I take specific issue with recent reports that China has sought to punish students from Beijing and elsewhere for standing with striking workers in the metropolis of Shenzhen. Moreover, I find the reports equally troubling that student leaders have disappeared ever since they went to stand with the striking workers in Shenzhen. And more so troublesome, today's headline on CNN.com: Chinese Marxist students appear in 'confession' video as crackdown continues. The CNN report charged: "...footage reportedly emerged of apparently staged confessions by a number of prominent student activists, including Yue Xin and Shen Mengyu, both of whom disappeared late last year while protesting to support striking workers in Shenzhen".

Youth and students are the vanguard of all change in society. While in China last Summer, I was deeply impressed by the conduct and aspirations of China's youth and students. I found all of them as being honorable in respect to their loyalty to the People's Republic of China (PRC). So today, it is with great shock, regret and shame that I greet the reports that China is stifling Marxist thought at its universities and punishing students for standing with workers. Any such actions must be condemned and rejected.

What I found in China last Summer is that China's political security, contrary to some beliefs, do not rests with the government, but it is protected and ensured within the people. Chinese love their Republic. Fears of the government that it needs to guide public opinion are unfounded. Most public sentiment in China is non-political, yet such sentiments are politicized only when government errs on the side of heavy handedness - like punishing students and individuals for carrying out what they believe are their inherent responsibility to stand for the people - to stand for workers.

Chinese youth and students do not need guiding "to form a correct view of world, life and values" because they already harbor these values that have been ingrained into them by a Marxist and Maoist ideology that has taught to love thy country, thy elders, thy community and to protect the people - the workers and their lives based upon unique Chinese characteristics. 

Marxist thought and its stand with workers hold no danger to China nor to the Communist Party. Rather, the stand of students with workers serve as a moral reminder to hardening capitalists of the societal role of government in developing and protecting the lives of all the people.