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Note to Syria's Children XIV - a Final Word

Dearest Children, I am so sorry - so very shamefully sorry that humanity, its systems and its institutions, have failed you. I am sorry that you live in an area of conflict and that much of your childhoods -  in many cases, all of your childhoods, have been lost and scared by violence. 

This is my final and fourteenth note to you spanning six-years from 2013 to 2019. Yet, your suffering started before and and will continue longer. Many of you have lived knowing nothing but war - born into war, violence, death and insufficiencies. Many of your peers have died - your parents, relatives and acquaintances have also died before you, thus exacerbating the impact of raw violence upon the minds of too many children. But apparently, not enough people across the world seem to share this view.

In the meantime, humanitarians have been unable to ameliorate you condition. The grand order of international organizations and institutions has also been impotent in stopping your slaughter and the denying of your innocence of youth. And for the past six-years, all that you have gotten from me, have been words recommending patience and trusting of a system of democracy to delivery you from your painful sorry.

I apologize for I was wrong. I am sorry. Democracy and all of its so-called stalwarts have done nothing to better your lives. Capable men, governments and institutions, having the ability to ending conflict around you, have failed miserably to win you your deserved peace. From my lowly post here in Washington, DC, I've tried my best to prompt action toward your benefit, but to no avail.

Yet, along with many of you, your peers and relatives, many others, intending on bringing better conditions to you, have died over the many bloody years. While the source of your wrath, Bashar al Assad remains unscathed and in power in Damascus, thousands of young people on the other hand, have died fighting for the integrity of your culture and your right to an existence in the Levant. Unfortunately, too many of the victims of the conflict fighting on your behalf, have been miss-labeled as terrorists for joining the only group they thought honorable in engaging for the legitimate emancipation of the Syrian people. Fatal public events by the Islamic State (IS) complicated and convoluted the conflict within your homeland. 

I am sorry that you have died, have been displaced and made to suffer. If I could do anything to ameliorate your condition, I would gladly do such forthwith. But I can't. Hence, I will write to you no longer because the systems that have failed you, have also lost favor with me. 

However, I encourage you to defend and to protect your persons at all costs and by any and all means necessary. Syria is your home. Demand of it what you want. Ensure via whatever means necessary the preservation of you lives, culture and the continuity of your people. May God have mercy upon you. May God Bless you. Amen!