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The British Uncertainty - Brexit
An Uncertain and Uncomfortable Time for Operatives in the U.S. Clandestine Service
Likely End to the Government Shutdown: by January 29, 2019
An Uncomforting Time in U.S. Affairs
Work, Rally or Support - the Narrowing Options before Federal Employees

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January 2019

The British Uncertainty - Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was soundly defeated, 432-202, before Parliament a couple of minutes ago, thus setting up a probable messy United Kingdom (UK) leave from the European Union (EU) on March 29, 2019. 

May's Brexit deal, which was approved by the EU, failed to garner any respectable support from the British Parliament. As a result, a larger uncertainty now exits per the UK's leave from the EU. Moreover, a larger uncertainty looms over whether or not May might be able to stay on as Prime Minister.

An Uncertain and Uncomfortable Time for Operatives in the U.S. Clandestine Service

Explicitly, the current time must be the most uncertain and uncomfortable for those persons engaged in the clandestine service on behalf of the the United States (US). Prevailing questions in respect to President Donald Trump and whether or not he has worked for Russia against US interest, obviously underscores the troubling time for those working in service to the US.

During the Cold War, operatives would have been more certain and comfortable in their service because of the blatant and stark divisions between the East and West ideologies and supporters.

Likely End to the Government Shutdown: by January 29, 2019

Inasmuch as President of the United States (US) Donald Trump has quipped that the shutdown of the federal government could last for a very long time because he apparently, has no intention to budge from a demand for $5 billion to wall out Latinos at the US southern border, the reality of Trump's political survival suggests that he'll be severely weakened going into the State of the Union address on January 29, 2019, having the federal government shuttered.

Trump is set to deliver the annual State of the Union address before the chamber of the US House of Representatives on January 29.

An Uncomforting Time in U.S. Affairs

There is no comfort or relief in sight for hundred of thousands of furloughed federal workers in the United States (US). Pay day has come and gone without any compensation to the workers who are now victims of the longest ever shutdown of the government.

Upheld by President Donald Trump on his insistence for $5 billion to build a wall along the border with Mexico, the shutdown of the federal government not only represents a period of discomfort for those working, contracting and dependent upon federal workers for business, it also signifies a failing in the affairs of the US to function as a synced system of unity with the general welfare of the people as top priority.

Work, Rally or Support - the Narrowing Options before Federal Employees

Today marks the 19th day that the United States (US) government has been partially closed with some 800,000 federal employees furloughed from their jobs without pay.

In lieu of any Executive action preferring the employment and the payment of federal workers over erecting a wall along the border with Mexico, it therefore becomes clear that the options before affected federal employees have narrowed: support for President Donald Trump and their continued paylessness; rally against their idleness; or demand to return to work.

Time to End the U.S. Federal Government Shutdown

The welfare of the employees of the Federal Government of the United States (US), without any doubt, supersedes any and all chauvinistic political ramblings and promises by any individual or party. 

Therefore, it is time for the Donald Trump administration to remove the unreasonable funding for and the determinant to a border wall with Mexico, so as to allow for the prompt and immediate reopening of the full function of the Federal government and the paying of all employees.

Unlike some vast asset holdings of many members of the Trump administration, most Federal employees - with children, with mortgages, with dependent care, with car loans and with unstocked refrigerators, do rely on the timely presentation of paychecks every month.

The Wall, its Implications and History's Judgement

The notion of walling any country in these modern times goes against the grain of any cohesiveness gained or achieved by humanity. 

A wall on the United States (US)/Mexico border - erected for whatever fallible claim its advocate might possess, implies malice. 

A wall represents a bad ideology to separate people from each other based upon unfounded fear. And against the background of the torn down Berlin Wall from the times of the Iron Curtain, any US attempt to construct a wall on its southern border, certainly amounts to a betrayal of humanity and of democracy.

Note to Syria's Children XIV - a Final Word

Dearest Children, I am so sorry - so very shamefully sorry that humanity, its systems and its institutions, have failed you. I am sorry that you live in an area of conflict and that much of your childhoods -  in many cases, all of your childhoods, have been lost and scared by violence. 

This is my final and fourteenth note to you spanning six-years from 2013 to 2019. Yet, your suffering started before and and will continue longer. Many of you have lived knowing nothing but war - born into war, violence, death and insufficiencies.

Ultima Thule Flyby, Dark Side of the Moon - Humanity's Capabilities Amid Division

The first week of 2019 has been an astounding and recording breaking time of  accomplishment for humanity: China National Space Administration (CNSA), landed on the dark side of the moon and the United States (US) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), reached deep space with the New Horizons ultima thule flyby.

Two great scientific feats heralded by the entire human race in a bid and race to greater innovation and space exploration. In these two cases, the new found discoveries and scientific firsts are by the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the United States (US).

A New Year: a Continuation of an Old Order, but not without Exceptions

[A stomach virus I suffered on the last day of 2018 prevented the timely writing of this Blog.]

At the beginning of January 2018, I wrote of uprisings - social uprisings by the people, later documented with marches and protests by the people in 2018. 

There weren't any major political revolutions in 2018, yet societal changes were jump started with mass movements to protect human life from gun violence, the environment and the oceans. One of the most profound changes in 2018 was the advent of women into seats of power, especially in the United States (US), where the most diversified class of the House of Representatives of the 116th Congress was seated yesterday, included a-record number of women - 102, including Minority women from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Texas; Muslim women from Michigan and Minnesota and Native American women from Kansas and New Mexico.