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January 2019

Venezuela - a Challenging Test to Regional Integration

Whatever befalls the Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela in the short run, will undoubtedly define the masked strength or the inherent weakness of regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hence, Venezuela's present predicament is a laboratory into the study of sovereignty, influence and soundness of regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean.

While many nations in Latin America and the Caribbean could easily concur with the largely western thought that Maduro's government in Venezuela is tainted and may lack legitimacy, they are however confronted with the dilemma of supporting an American-Canadian-European fix to Maduro's tenure in lieu of their own regional solution to the ending crisis.

In Venezuela: Issues of Sovereignty, Colonialism, Imperialism and Dignity

Amid all the political smoke aloft today over Venezuela, there are serious questions as to sovereignty, colonialism, imperialism and dignity that are in play. 

That international powerhouses have recognized Venezuela's Opposition as the legitimate government, while others have issued an ultimatum to Nicolas Maduro's government to call new elections or hence, suffer their unrecognition of his government, all do hereby affirm the issues of sovereignty, colonialism, imperialism and dignity of not only Venezuela, but of all developing nations, especially those that have had colonial masters.

Regarding Venezuela

Behind the smoke of the deepening crisis in Venezuela are questions, issues and matters of sovereignty, colonialism, influence and the dignity of developing nations...

I shall attempt to explain in the next 24-hours. I'm taking 24-hours to further analyze and to assess this issue per democracy, the rule of law and nation independence.

35-Days Later - The US Government Reopens

The Longest shutdown ever of the United States (US) government, 35-days, has ended. President Donald Trump finally accepted terms to temporarily reopen the federal government. Those terms include no money for a border wall the president has forcefully insisted upon at the hardship of over 800,000 federal employees.

Trump's acceptance to reopening the government came upon terms that were offered more than a month-ago. Furloughed federal workers have experienced economic hardships and have lost two pay checks as Trump insisted upon a wall.

A Deepening Crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela's economic and political troubles were not started overnight. They have been festering for many years dating back to the pre-Maduro era of former president Hugo Chavez and they involved failures to make market reforms within a pressured socialist system in a region dominated by American and Canadian capitalists.

But yesterday, the land of the natural wonder, Angel Falls and the home to many exquisitely beautiful women, suffered an even deeper crisis as opposition leader and head of the Venezuelan National Assembly (a legislative body), Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself interim president of Venezuela in a shocking rebuke to second-term President Nicolas Maduro, who was only days ago sworn in for another six-year term.

Venezuela - Defining the Fate of Unpopular Governments

Whatever beholds the government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, it will ultimately define the future fate of unpopular governments - unpopular not necessarily at home, but unpopular or scorned by the larger international community.

There is no doubt that questions of credibility and of legitimacy surround President Maduro's government in Venezuela. Thousands of Venezuelans have been forced to flee their homeland amid mounting economic and political turmoil. Yet, like many other jurisdictions that utilize so-called democratic processes to the seat of power, Maduro has argued that he won a free and fair re-election with over 67% of the vote in May, 2018.

To Stand with the People is to Stand with the Workers

The people and the workers are inseparable: the people are the workers - the workers are the people. Thus, as it is fallible to separate workers from the people and vice versa, it is a similar error to inflict punishment on students for standing with workers for doing so would be penalizing an inherent responsibility of the people within the state to better the conditions of the proletariat. 

Therefore, I take specific issue with recent reports that China has sought to punish students from Beijing and elsewhere for standing with striking workers in the metropolis of Shenzhen.

Preserving Civil Rights - in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The legacy of civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is celebrated across the United States (US) today with a holiday. 

Community efforts to better the environs of many places have taken hold in recent years as the major events marking the birthday of the late civil rights leader, who would have turned 90-years-old, last week. 

Dr. King's nonviolent movement to garner better recognition and equality for Americans is celebrated and cited across the globe as an outstanding accomplishment of patience and civility toward achieving the inherent rights of Blacks.

Time for Direct Action against Division in America

Let me be brief and very explicit today: it is time for concerted and direct action against division in the United States (US). If nothing is done to combat the misguided attitudes of some Americans against many others, then those who condone and perpetuate such fallible division, must shoulder full blame for the ensuing ramifications and affects created by their agenda of division.

Following yesterday's sorrowful event that witnessed white Kentucky school boys pestering peaceful Native American marchers at the National Mall, Washington, DC, it has now become clear that the abysmal descent of the Republic into division since the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, is reaffirmed.

A Re-Set of Civility and Multilateralism

There is no doubt that the rancor of division, nationalism and unilateralism is eroding once common decency of humanity and international cooperation. Similarly, the division of class and race is pushing human agitation to inevitable conflict.  

Division, isolation and nationalistic rhetoric are aspects to inevitable conflict. At the present trajectory of humankind, from the spark of the far right in Europe, to the divisionist temper of Donald Trump in the United States (US), to the debacle over Brexit in the United Kingdom (UK), to the insistence of yellow vest protesters in France, to the resurgence of terror in Kenya, Mali, Syria, Colombia and Burkina Faso, to ongoing violence in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, to political agitations in Ukraine, Kosovo and Venezuela, decline and conflict appear on the horizon.