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The World in 2019 - China

To that I bore witness in the People's Republic of China (PRC) this past summer, I hereby proclaim that the country of my wife's birth will continue to prosper in 2019 in spite of any harsh tariffs or any attempts to relegate the people of China back to a pre-1980s condition.

The China I saw in Beijing, Rizhao City, Rizhao Beach, Kong Chong Shui, Dabaihu, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai, is a nation of unbreakable spirits - rich in culture and community-loyalty with a great emphasis on and respect of family. 

Outfitted with cutting edge technology, smart people, arduous workers, a very modern infrastructure, strong domestic consumption and a committed rural engagement to subsistence agriculture, China in 2019, is readily poised to fend off any external pressures against its rise.

That I'm able to speak and to write with much confidence about China is a direct result of what I witnessed and experienced there this past summer. While I had my apprehensions going into China, I was very pleasantly surprised by its grandeur, its modernity blended against the relics of its ancient civilization, its peacefulness, its respect, its culture, its people and especially the citizenship of its rural people. 

Based on what I saw in China; and I must emphasize that I was not an invitee of the government of China, but was merely visiting with my wife and sons, the nation is resolute in its service to bettering the lives of all its people and the proof of this is in the tens of millions of Chinese who have been alleviated from poverty. In the past year alone, 46 million Chinese have been emancipated from poverty. 

Regarding high tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States (US), while tariffs might cause some anxiety among very wealthy Chinese and young female purchasers of cosmetics and western-brand luxury merchandise, most of China could be immutable from trade tariffs in 2019. The non-urban regions of China are sufficient to balance any urban effects from trade tariffs.

In 2019 China would seek via negotiations to normalize trade relations with the United States (US). But do not expect that the Chinese will give 'away-the-store'. With regards to China's global reach, in 2019, it will continue its partnerships with nations from Africa, to Latin America and the Caribbean, to Europe and in Asia. Though there will be some complaints regarding China's overseas partnerships, developing nations in particular, will in time, more readily accept China's investments because they offer much better returns that those once offered by the nations former colonial masters.

China's rise will continue in 2019. Its rise is perpetual. Yet, there are concerns in respect to a trade war and an aging population set against a low birthrate and in spite of the end of the "one-child" policy in 2015. Employing the same grit with which it lifted itself out of poverty, China, in 2019, will continue to find solutions to all its concerns with a view to sustaining an even higher standard of living for all the Chinese people.

Tomorrow: The World in 2019 - the United States of America (USA).