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December 2018

Power to the People in 2019 - Toward Safeguards of Rights and the Environment

Power to the people! 

In 2019, the people - all the people, do hereby reserve the right to demand good governance from their leaders, especially on all matters relating to the safeguards of civil liberties and protections of the environment. 

It is with the people that all power is vested. Therefore, we the people, must continue to hold failed, failing and faulting governments responsible for not executing the fair and expected requirements of governance. And in circumstances where governments are failing the people, then the people should entertain all means peaceful and civil to removing the bad systems of representation.

The World in 2019 - the United States of America (USA)

My Republic - our Republic, the United States of America (USA) has stood as a model and a beacon of democracy, freedom, opportunity, equality and the rule of law for more than a century. This lure to seek and to exercise full human potential has brought millions of peoples - immigrants, to the shores of this land bounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans ever since its settlement. America has been a successful laboratory in mixing the kaleidoscope of peoples to yield prosperity and security. As a result, American influence has been welcomed throughout the four corners of the world.

The World in 2019 - China

To that I bore witness in the People's Republic of China (PRC) this past summer, I hereby proclaim that the country of my wife's birth will continue to prosper in 2019 in spite of any harsh tariffs or any attempts to relegate the people of China back to a pre-1980s condition.

The China I saw in Beijing, Rizhao City, Rizhao Beach, Kong Chong Shui, Dabaihu, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai, is a nation of unbreakable spirits - rich in culture and community-loyalty with a great emphasis on and respect of family.

The World in 2019 - Europe

Centuries of empire domination across much of the world and two World Wars have given rise to today's Europe - a continent flush in economic power and gains, under the umbrella of the powerhouse European Union (EU), but yet, a continent facing contraction and division in 2019 from a clash of elitists, the rise of the far right, political agitation and a failure to reform its aggregate security system.

The Maastricht Treaty signed on February 7, 1992 at Netherlands, to further the integration of Europe, was a continent-saving vehicle to cope with modern times.

The World in 2019 - Asia

China's rise and dominance has been the biggest geopolitical character of Asia in recent years. Hence, China will be covered in a separate assessment on December 29.  

The other parts of Asia, in which I also will lump Australia, New Zealand and Russia, will be adversely affected by Climate Change and other natural disasters in 2019. 

While 2018 has been especially disastrous for Indonesia which has, and continue to experience deadly earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions, the vast number of small islands that make up places like Indonesia, the Philippines and other locations, all remain very exposed to rising sea levels and the associated environmental results that will impact the social, economic and political affairs of much of the region.

The World in 2019 - the Middle East

In 2019,ceteris paribus, the Middle East will remain the same volatile region it has been for many years. The region is poised to continue along such a path until at a time when past and present wrongs become settled. That time appears beyond the horizon. 

Moreover, no enduring peace could come to the region under the current status quo. Any alliance, government, policy or system that reduces Palestinians to their present condition in Gaza and the West Bank, is flawed, thus ripe with strife-creation.

Wishes of Peace

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the holiday.

My message on this day to all of humanity, is one for peace.  The inclusion of "peace and goodwill" in most Christmas messages is often overlooked as a casual saying fitting for just the day's celebrations. Yet, the utterance should bear more intent to fostering greater efforts to achieving world peace.

But peace, though attainable, cannot flourish under any atmosphere of prevailing conflicts like the present conditions in Yemen, in Syria, in Palestine, in Ukraine and elsewhere.

A Prayer for the World's Children - the Victims of Conflict, Statelessness and Natural Disasters

Almighty God, I humbly bow before you on this Christmas Eve, 2018, to beg that you deliver from suffering the world's children, who are victims of conflict, statelessness and natural disasters.

Father, I pray that you show mercy upon the many children of Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Myanmar, Indonesia and elsewhere and that you recognize and take into account their innocence and impotence to impact the adult-created events and systems that have rendered their suffering. Please grant them all relief and comfort. Amen!

The World in 2019 - Central and South America

The expressed continuous desire of Central Americans to migrate to the United States (US) - the country, which has often sought to influence their political ideology, will shape and realign the political, economic and social configuration of Central America in 2019. In South America, its toxic history and all the associated effects from years of military dictatorship, disappearances, civil rights abuses and corruption, will continue to come to bear in 2019 and beyond. 

US foreign policy toward Central America had always accepted its migrants from often volatile conditions created in the region.

The World in 2019 - the Caribbean

In spite of current fiscal challenges and a real exposure to impacts of Climate Change, the Caribbean gets a resounding optimistic outlook for 2019 and beyond. 

My assessment of the region of my birth comes not from any partiality, but from my impartial analysis and observation of trends, current affairs and attitudes blowing on the trade winds across the Caribbean. 

The Trade Winds of optimism are precipitated by a new cast of leaders in the Caribbean, who are apparent scholars of the region's first integrationists of the late 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.