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Not the Prediction - What Matters is the Apparent Russian Impunity

A headline on CNN's website dated today, at 10:02 a.m., an analysis by Nick Paton regarding the Ukraine-Russia debacle read: " No one can predict what Russia will do next." The writer suggested: "The fact that nobody really knows what's going to happen next in Ukraine is the entire point. It is the core of Russia's strategy."

While Nick Paton pens a fitting analysis, I however, counter with the submission that it is not the prediction of Russian action that matters, but the apparent impunity of Russia to any severe punishment for meddling in many lands and for its continuous actions against Ukraine.

That solid United States (US) condemnation of Russian actions have been muted therefore accords and allows Vladimir Putin to act on his own will and whim. Sanctions have obviously not contained Russian actions. Thus, Ukraine and many others should worry as to their own sovereignty and security. Would NATO stand up to Russia without any emphatic US participation?

France's Emmanuel Macron's suggestion of some form of European defense entity might be years too late in the making. Yet, it is possible that the European Union (EU) nations could economically and collectively punish Russia for its actions, but would Viktor Orban of Hungary and a few other Russia-leaning continental countries go along 100 percent?

The point remains that Ukraine and a few other European nations stand in a sticky predicament and the entire security of Europe rests not with a Russian prediction, but with what real punishment could be inflicted upon Russia to force Vladimir Putin to desist from carryout any further militarize actions in the region.