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A Vote to Check Presidential Power - Democrats Win US House

After a seemingly long winless political drought that facilitated an excessive display of Executive power, the Democratic Party finally gained a political victory last night in capturing a widening majority in the United States (US) House of Representatives.

Shocked, bewildered, depressed and frustrated since the seating of Donald Trump in the Oval Office and in the minority of both chambers of Congress - the Senate and House of Representatives, Democrats are now in a position to place legislative and Constitutional checks and balances on an apparent runaway Executive, who has threatened to thwart the Constitution via Executive Order to fulfill his inkling to deny citizenship to children born in the US to foreign parents.

However, with the democrats now controlling the House, a major check and balance is in place to wield in the ambitions of Donald Trump. Moreover, Democrats are now also in a position to protect the rights, norms and affairs of the American Republic.

Although the final tally has not been certified, Democrats are assured of at least a majority number of 222 seats in the 435-member House. That number could increase to 228 or 229 when the final count is done. 

With regards to the US Senate, Democrats lost a couple of seats, thus extending the Republican majority in the 100-member chamber. 

More importantly though, with winning the House, Democrats and Progressives can now set about to protect the institutions and the people of the American democracy.