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To Unity and National Healing

Moreso now than at any other time in modern United States (US) history, the Republic lacks a ruling leadership of unity to affect an atmosphere of national healing in the wake of recent violent acts of hate.

From the hateful massacre of 11-members of a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the cold blooded racist murder of two Black people in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and the arrest of a mass-mailing bomb suspect in Plantation, Florida, the ugly cult of violence has resurfaced fueled by hate and amid a toxic atmosphere of division and nationalistic rhetoric.

Therefore, in order to dissuade future acts of hate, clear and meaningful calls for unity are now needed to nurse the nation toward healing and away from division. 

Whether or not the present Executive is capable of, or willing to initiate such unity and the healing process, the people of the US can demand such unity and healing via their votes in midterm exams for the Congress on November 6, 2018. US voters should cast their support behind the candidates seeking stability, thereby rejecting those candidates spreading discord and division.