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October 2018

A Brief Note on Palestine, Syria and Yemen

If humanity and the powers that be really care about the world's people - all the peoples, then there are three areas that require immediate action and a solution to lingering questions - Palestine, Syria and Yemen.

Palestine should be allowed to achieve full sovereignty and a return of lands taken in the 1967 war. The blockade of Gaza must end and settlements on Palestinian lands should be dissuaded and removed.

The peace of Syria has to be won and the security of returning Syrians should become a priority of all armed forces operating in the Levant.

Sorrow in Indonesia - an Aviation Tragedy

I extend my deepest sorrow and condolences to the people of Indonesia and specifically to the families and loved ones of those killed in Monday's aviation tragedy. I pray for your strength and for your comfort in this time of great sorrow.

Lion Air Flight JT 610, a Boeing 737-Max8 aircraft, crashed into the sea 13-minutes after take off from Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta Airport, killing all 189 passengers and crew on board. The aircraft was headed to the Indonesian city of Pangkal Pinang, when tragedy struck.

To Unity and National Healing

Moreso now than at any other time in modern United States (US) history, the Republic lacks a ruling leadership of unity to affect an atmosphere of national healing in the wake of recent violent acts of hate.

From the hateful massacre of 11-members of a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the cold blooded racist murder of two Black people in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and the arrest of a mass-mailing bomb suspect in Plantation, Florida, the ugly cult of violence has resurfaced fueled by hate and amid a toxic atmosphere of division and nationalistic rhetoric.

Hate in America - Three Violent Manifestations in a Week Span

Imagine a Grandfather happily accompanying his grandson to the store to purchase a poster board for a school project...a simple chore that under normal circumstances would solidify the value of family and provide a lifelong memory. But this was not to be for a 69-year-old Kentucky Grandfather, last Wednesday.

He was shot dead in cold blood in front of his 12-year-old Grandson by a hater, Gregory Bush, 51, a white man, inside a grocery store, near Louisville. The hate monger, who had just earlier failed to gain entry into a Black Church in the area, targeted and murdered the innocent Grandpa because of his color.

The Violent Prevalence of Hate Re-Emerges in America - Shooting at a Pennsylvania Synagogue

A day after law enforcement in the United States (US) arrested a suspect in connection with a string of bomb mailings targeting progressives, a perpetrator opened fire within a Jewish Synagogue, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, killing at least four people and injuring others, including three policemen.

The violent event comes amid an atmosphere of hate in the US spearheaded by nationalistic rhetoric from the Executive leadership and others that appear to be having a detrimental effect upon marginal people already having bouts of mental illness.

Intimidation, Fear and Terror - Emerging Right Wing Threats to the United States

The casual response from the United States (US) Executive to a rash of mail bomb mailings to Progressive leaders and intelligence officials, underscores the danger of intimidation, fear and terror emerging from right wing persons and groups, within the US.

While President Donald Trump has condemned the various mailings, his apparent casual response to a very dangerous developing phenomenon in America, has apparently done little to deter the likelihood of future acts of terror against the Media, Progressives and outspoken critics.

Nationalistic Rhetoric and its Propensity for Political Violence

Nationalism does not convey a casual attitude of political being nor of social satisfaction - it is an emphatic enthusiastic rhetoric used to drum up the deep-gall instincts of a nation to seek freedom and to attain independence. Nationalism is a fighting word and term.

Therefore, when the Executive of a traditionally supranational Republic, which holds imperialistic territory and retains superpower ability, declares that he is a nationalist, the political and social balance of the said Republic becomes disrupted and confused.

A March to a Doused Beacon - Disappointment Awaits Honduran Migrants at the US Border

Thousands of Latin American migrants have crossed into Mexico seeking safe passage to the United States (US) border. The group of mostly Honduran nationals, fleeing violence and in search of economic opportunities, waded river waters and traversed a bridge in order to elude Mexican authorities in their dire attempt to reach the US. 

Yet, should the main body of some 5,000 folks reach the US, they can expect disappointment as the Trump administration has hinted at calling out the arm forces to prevent them from entering the US.

Power Remains Vested in the People - We the People

Wherever the human species reside, it should be remembered that the power to maintain and to sustain good governance, rests squarely with the people - we the people.

This fact of humankind has been reiterated over the years via the effectiveness and will of the people for a government of the people, by the people and for the people, based upon the unique characteristics of their culture. 

From the French and American Revolutions, to the Cuban Revolution, to the founding of the People's Republic of China, to the color revolutions of Europe and various political movements in Africa, in Asia, in Latin American and in the Caribbean, the people, whether acting on their own behalf, or assigning their will to a party or group, have exercised their vested power on a number of occasions.

Wealth, Privilege and Impunity

If wealth, privilege and impunity are spearheaded and supported with full favor at the expense of basic human rights, then conflicts, broad conflicts and even more violent conflicts, will be the inevitable result.

Any notion or action to  embolden and/or to reward wealth and privilege with impunity from crimes and violations committed, should be condemned and appropriately sanctioned. That any abuses of human rights could be condoned in the year 2018 because of the wealth and privilege of a person, of a state or of a kingdom, is preposterous.