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My Blog

Why Things are the Way they Are...

Consider current affairs and issues: from community discord, spats, crime and inequality to the wider world of war, conflict, migration, income gaps, race and gender inequality and the disparity between developed and developing nations. All of these matters - the sum of why things are the way they are - all are indicative of historical wrongs that are yet to be made right and of the stark difference between the super rich and the average "Joes" as well as the non effective means of the redistribution of wealth across the international spectrum.

Therefore, all struggles are brought to wrought by the failure to correct past wrongs and by the institutionalized reality of too few people having too much wealth and power at the expense of the people. 

Today's affairs and issues are also prolonged by the passive acceptance of the present by misinformed sects, the poor, the ill-equipped and the under-armed peoples. Thus, things will continue to be the way they are until some type of breakout occurs to ameliorate the circumstances of the masses.

The vast lands that were once Palestine have been stripped away leaving Palestinians to live on swaths of blockaded territory in dire poverty.

Shiploads of riches out of Africa have been squirreled away by colonial powers and used to enrich nations and privileged families, while extreme poverty and a lack of development continue to devastate the still resource rich continent.

Women continue to earn less than men for equal work as they struggle with present and past events of sexual abuse and discrimination within and outside of the workplace and halls of learning.

Centuries of disenfranchisement through the system of slavery, to discrimination in the modern workplace, in housing, in economic development and on the streets of American cities, have brought a dying-disease of second classism to the American Black. Black men unfairly punished by a flaw system of justice are blocked from social mobility via an array of impediments that force many to live their entire lives within the penal or justice system. Added to that pitfall is the strong likelihood of being shot and killed by police on the streets.

The offspring of Arab traders in the Seventh century in what is today's Myanmar - the Rohingya people - remain stateless in 2018. And a battle for ideological control of large numbers of people continues to victimize millions of people to conflict in Syria and in Yemen. 

In the meantime, one percent of the world's population continues to amass great wealth at the expense of the other 99% of average folks.

No end is within sight to halting why things are the way they are. Yet, all of the peoples, have a common goal to survive and a strong sense of community along with a willingness to cooperate with each other toward the common good, do possess the final answer to determining when things will change.

Until such a time, as reggae great Bob Marley crooned in his song 'Natural Mystic', "...many more will have to suffer, many more will have to die."