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To Justice, Equality and Opportunity

Justice, equality and opportunity must win out over prejudice, division and corruption in the Republic. But for justice, equality and opportunity to triumph, the people - the American people, must become more involved in the democratic process and especially in the upcoming midterm vote for the United States (US) Congress.

If the pulse of the nation is as I have construed it to be - needing change, then the people have the opportunity to peacefully and democratically usher in this change at the polls in November. 

The November 6 vote is shaping up to be another defining event in US history. The vote offers the opportunity for the Democratic Party to win a majority in at least one of the legislative chambers -  the House of Representatives, as a means to placing a more rational check upon President Donald Trump, who continues to alarm many people with his rash exercise of the office of President. Democrats could also win a more balancing of power via a majority in the US Senate, a more far fetched aspiration, but a plausible one.

Though I have never been a great fan of the Black American civil rights pioneer, Jessie Jackson, he said something last week at the celebration of the life of soul Queen Aretha Franklin that deserves attention and action from all: referencing the long lines of people stretching around many city blocks, in Detroit, Michigan, waiting to "celebrate death", Jackson said even greater lines should be at the polls for voting.

So to keep hope alive and to promote justice, equality and opportunity, Americans can reinforce these principles by voting in great numbers this November 6 and voting for the Democratic Party.

PS: ( a commitment to serve at my sons' school did not permit me enough time to write a Blog yesterday, September 6.)