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With Regards to Election "Meddling"

Credible reports surfaced this week revealing that Internet companies - Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etal, had stripped from their services, the sites of hundreds of entities believed to be "meddling" into the political, social and economic affairs of the United States (US), including the all important upcoming midterm elections for the US Congress - an election that could decide the fate of Donald Trump's era in Washington, D.C.

Many pundits applauded the action of the strategically important Internet companies for securing the integrity of real news across the world wide web. Russia and Iran were named as alleged state sponsors of the "meddling" sites. And earlier today, similar allegations were made against China and North Korea, as potential purveyors of future "meddling".

With regards to "meddling", perhaps each major election in the West and in the East in the modern era, has been meddled with. From opponent against opponent, to interest groups influencing voters in consideration of a particular candidate and to advocates of a particular agenda seeking to influence others to support their causes, "meddling" has always been a constant of the election process.

Deemed as illegal when conducted by a foreign power within a sovereign nation has not deterred "meddling" from the Americas to Africa to Asia and to Europe, either with direct or indirect sanctioning by foreign governments. There will always be outside "meddling" into elections as long as there are varying agendas and ideologies. However, collusion with a foreign power into influencing a local election, stands as the real and true threat to any election system.

An educated voter is the only real remedy to "meddling". The electorate has the responsibility inherited via citizenship of acquiring the right and fair information on all issues in order to cast a meaningful and informed vote.