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China Strikes Back to Trump Tariffs - a Chinese Resolve to Continue Rising

United States (US) President Donald Trump's intent to penalize China with more tariffs on Chinese products has been met by China retaliating with its own tariffs on US$16 billion of American imports.

In pushing back against Trump's continuing efforts to punish China, Beijing has demonstrated a strong resolve to continuing China's developmental rise in spite of new adversity from the controversial US president.

Trump's decision to impose a 25 percent tariff on US$50 billion of Chinese imports on August 23, is the latest from the Washington administration aimed at China, which has experienced globe-leading development in the past 40-years. 

The US, China and the international community once enjoyed unimpeded trade and cooperation prior to Trump taking the White House. However, ever since 2017, Trump has targeted and singled out China for tariff penalties, thus raising the question as to the true intent of Trump's motives.

If he intends to derail China's economic rise, its global appeal and influence, then Trump will fail, and fail miserably. 

China is an enduring great civilization that the likes of Trump would never understand its simple method to success. Having visited China this past summer - four provinces, six cities and two villages, I can now affirm that there's nothing capable of derailing China's rise. China is deserving and fully qualified to sit and to lead any table on international well being.

Moreover, while the impact of some tariff penalties might cause anxiety in some of China's major cities, greater Chinese society, via strong community involvement, sound family values and subsistence farming, are more than sufficient and capable of weathering any Trump action. China appears resolute in its bid for peace and prosperity. 

Therefore, a return to pre-2017 rationality in governance and in trade is needed before another economic calamity befalls many people.