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Safeguard of Community Necessities - a Key to Humanity's Continuity

Humanity's continuity rests with the delivery of safeguards of the basic necessities of community - food, clothing and shelter. And in spite of the dynamism and modern mode of many developed countries and their cities, the fundamentals of securing an enduring society remain firmly fixed to good governance delivering the basics of community.

However, in recent years, delivery of these basic goods to the people have become marred in the race to promote, to use and to utilize technology too broadly for the narrow purpose of entertainment. As a result, human innovation, creativity and production toward bettering the delivery of community's necessities, are lagging way behind personal entertainment. In other words, humankind is serving technology rather than allowing technology to work best toward the benefit of the human species.

Thus, human entertainment is overshadowing agricultural development and diversification as well as climate and environment protections. Not enough innovation is being earmarked to solutions to combat the bad effects of human influences upon the environment. Yet, unprecedented heat continues across Europe and Asia while record setting rains, fires and drought disrupt life in the Americas. These events will all have adverse secondary effects from crop failures to crop rot. What will tomorrow bring?

Human personal entertainment should yield to greater scientific innovation toward tackling humanity's present and forthcoming problems. Technology must be enhanced to ensure the safeguard of delivering community necessities in order to sustain humanity's continuity.