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August 2018

Toward Stability and Security - to Dismiss Incites to Violence

Humanity flourishes in environments of peace and stability. The developmental evolution of the human species is filled with history of the most beneficial advances during periods of stability, peace and cooperation. Conversely, blight and despair always meet the horrid times of war and instability. 

Therefore, if our world is to sustain the advancing continuity of the human species, then peace and stability must reign throughout all the lands - void of destabilization and violence.

Yet, an event this week playing out since last Sunday in the state of Saxony, Germany, where right wing racists resorted to violence and attacks upon non-Germans based upon a flawed police report of the arrest of two immigrants for killing a German-Cuban man, and a revealed private conversation by United States (US) President Donald Trump with evangelical leaders referencing violence should his party lose the midterm elections, are real dangers of what incites to violence could trigger upon peaceful communities.

A Return to Decency and Opportunity Rests with the Choices of the People

Wherever people may live under a declining culture of isolation, insecurity, indecency, corruption and social agitations, they should be reminded that any and all decisions toward a return to the norms of civility they once joyed that offered hope, optimism and global cooperation, squarely rests with their choices - the people's choice to rational governance.

Ultimately, if enough people demand a better social environment, then together they could affect that change. However, if some people who oppose the rancid atmosphere clouded over them, do fail to demand an amelioration of waning conditions, then the unwanted culture would continue and inevitably fester.

The Health of the American Republic Rides on Midterm Elections

The health of the United States (US) Republic hangs upon the results of forthcoming midterm elections for the Congress - House of Representatives and Senate. 

Both the Senate and House of Representatives are now controlled by Republicans. Under Republican control, both chambers of the US national legislature have given a free reign to President Donald Trump. 

White House spars with traditional western allies - Canada, Mexico and the European Union (EU) have not been rebuffed in the Congress.

A Return to Human Dignity - Ending Conflicts

It is preposterous that armed conflicts are still being executed in the year, 2018. Conflicts rob humanity of life and dignity and to this end, all conflicts should end.

"War is hell and hell is war", is a fitting adage. Yet, instead of ending and eradicating conflict and allotting its vital resources to ending hunger and curing diseases, humanity in 2018 is still confronted by the blight of Syrian atrocities, armed meddling in Ukraine and the gross humanity failing in Yemen.

Armed conflict is an ancient barbaric act that lacks any necessary and complied humanitarian controls to protecting innocents.

The Self-Reliance Security of the Innocent, the Meek and the Stateless

Continuous failure by the state, by the church and by non-governmental organizations to protect and to safeguard the welfare of the innocent, the meek and the stateless, will force more and more victims into a necessary pact of self-reliance with regards to their own security.

As in the case of Syria and Yemen in the wake of humanity's failure to ameliorate conflict conditions for millions of people, there ought to be a wake up call to all victims to the reality that they must now grab hold of their own destinies and in doing so, they could utilize whatever means necessary to assure their survival, and that of their children.

An Icon of American Decency Dies - Senator John McCain

The maverick American Senator John McCain, 81, died yesterday after battling brain cancer. He was a six-term Republican Senator representing the people of Arizona. Our sincere condolences to his family and loved ones. May he travel well.

Senator McCain, a son, a hero, a gentleman, a leader, a husband and a father, was an icon of decency in American politics. Twice running unsuccessfully for president, he maintained a gentleman's quality of high decency and honor, even in defeat. His insistence that Republic/country be placed first over any man/or party will be part of  his legacy, along with his ability to reach across party lines to encourage consensus for country over party.

A Caution to the Makers and Agitators of Division within the Republic

From a reckless assertion to Americans alleging the killing of white farmers in South Africa, to considerations of funding guns in schools in lieu of enhanced educational technology, to a 60-year-old white man in Grand Rapids, Michigan, urinating upon a five-year-old Black girl while calling her the 'n-word', the cruel seed of division has once again been sown within the American Republic.

Donald Trump tweeted the wrongful accusation about South Africa this week, Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos is said to be considering allowing school districts to use Federal Funds to buy guns, and a Michigan man has been arrested for urinating on a Black infant.

With Regards to Election "Meddling"

Credible reports surfaced this week revealing that Internet companies - Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etal, had stripped from their services, the sites of hundreds of entities believed to be "meddling" into the political, social and economic affairs of the United States (US), including the all important upcoming midterm elections for the US Congress - an election that could decide the fate of Donald Trump's era in Washington, D.C.

Many pundits applauded the action of the strategically important Internet companies for securing the integrity of real news across the world wide web.

Remembering the Slave Trade That it Shall Never be Repeated

Today, August 23, has been designated International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition by the Paris, France, based United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to memorialize one of humanity's greatest tragedies - the transatlantic slave trade, which destroyed and altered the destiny of millions of Africans.

In remembering that multinational sanctioned tragedy, which brought cheap labor and great economic wealth to colonial powers on backs of the destruction of many souls, it is necessary to look back at, then look forward from the human tragedy, with a clear and an explicit view that that despicable policy be never repeated.

Corruption Weakens the Republic

Corruption and those corrupted, who govern, will weaken any Republic, thus exposing the nation's national security to the same dangers posed by direct warfare. Moreover, and even more damning to the Republic, is the utilization of corruption to ascend to power within the sovereignty.

When corruption is used to gain power within the Republic, it maintains a clear and present danger over the Republic until all elements of such corruption are eradicated from governance. 

Corruption and the illegality that it entailed to gain power within a Republic, will inevitable fester under a culture of corruption.