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Trump's Decision Day on the Iran Nuclear Deal

United States (US) President Donald Trump has said that he will render his decision as to whether or not the US will honor the Iran Nuclear Deal today at 2:00 p.m. 

The drawn out process to his decision has resembled a made-for-television soap opera, in which Trump has lavished in the suspense as being the sole-controller of the fate of an important swath of global security. He has often criticized the President Barack Obama era Iran Nuclear Deal as insufficient in spite of the fact that it has the global support of the European Union (EU), China and Russia. The accord signed between global leaders and Iran limits the Islamic Republic's capabilities to attaining a nuclear bomb.

That global security is crucial and not a ratings guided made-for-tv production, will therefore soon become a reality following Trump's decision. 

A CNN poll published earlier this morning revealed that a majority Americans support remaining in the Iran Nuclear Deal, but with the same token, a majority of Americans did not vote for Donald Trump to be president.

Based upon Trump's criticism of the deal and the exhibited disdain Israel has shown toward the pact, many political pundits believe Trump will walk away from the international accord. He could. But that would be too easy and non-dramatic for Trump. 

Chances are that he would seek to exact his own version of the international treaty upon Iran as requisite to keeping the deal. However, Iran has proclaimed that the deal either stays as is, or is void. 

Whatever Trump's decision might be, global stability will be affected. Risky predictions that Iran's government could implode in the absence of the Nuclear Deal is a dangerous gamble to make, for in lieu of a somewhat moderate government, Iran could resort into the hands of hardline religious clerics giving rise to even greater instability in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Donald Trump is the antagonist and protagonist of the upcoming drama. He alone, apparently, will decide. We hope and we wish for global stability and cohesion, yet we might be facing turbulent times. Peace and goodwill to all.