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No Iran Nuclear Deal - Higher Instability, Higher...

To inflict preventable complexities and their effects upon generations of nations for failing to secure a rational vehicle and route to global stability, would be a failing of these times by our people.

Therefore, in spite of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu's power point point presentation yesterday, offering 55,000 pages and another 55,000 files on 183 CDs of Iran's ambition/allegation to "Project Amad" - to acquire a nuclear bomb; there is only one question the global community needs to answer regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal: Is the world more secure with it, or without the Iran Nuclear Deal?

I argue and I submit that the Iran Nuclear Deal signed by world powers and Iran, represents a better world atmosphere of stability. In lieu of it, there will be a higher level of global insecurity spanning national borders to cities and towns should an excessively punished Iran be forced to illicit and rogue sources to fulfill its needs.

If any disdain a nation holds onto another is such that the disdainer would seek to continue the violence of periods of great instability, then the disdainer is guilty of rendering unsolvable complexities and all the accompanying effects onto future generations.

Explicitly then, the Iran Nuclear Deal represents a working vehicle to better world security and cooperation; therefore it should stand.