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May 2018

A Test of China's Maturity as a Global Influencer - the Trump-Jong-un Summit

China's global reach in recent years has extended from its Mainland to transcend the borders of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Chinese partnerships with nations within this sphere, have provided vital investment and infrastructural goods to a wide kaleidoscope of people forgotten and neglected by their former colonial masters.

From roads, railways, seaports and businesses in Africa, to agricultural and other investments in Asia and Latin America, China has been welcomed and accepted by a lengthening list of nations eager to accept Chinese investment infusions into their faltering economies.

A Reminder to Roseanne Barr, et al...

The actress Roseanne Barr, whose television show series was cancelled by the admirable ABC Network following her racist Tweet targeting an American woman, is to be reminded that this is the year 2018...

Therefore, I venture to say no more but to again remind Roseanne Barr and any others who share her racist view, that they threaten a very regretful outcome from provoking and invoking hatred into today's United States (US). That's that!

Humanity's Needed Goal - Nuclear Armament Reduction

The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks/Treaties (SALT) of the Cold War area were beneficial in that they got nuclear adversaries to consider reduction of nuclear arsenals. The post Cold War: Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), in some ways, also brought a measure of stability to global security.

New START, ratified in February, 2011, also offered benchmarks to reducing arms and nuclear arsenals. Yet, there have been no recent steps to strengthen and to extend global nuclear reduction treaties. Therefore, it is high time that humanity restarts its efforts toward global nuclear armament reduction.

An Italian Stop-Gap Appointment to Political and Economic Stability

Vetoing the Eurosceptic coalition nominee for finance minister, thus ending a last ditch effort by the coalition to form a new government, Italy's President Sergio Mattarella has appointed former International Monetary Fund (IMF) economist Carlo Cottarelli, as Prime Minister to oversee a caretaker government until new elections could be held in the European Union(EU) fourth largest economy.

Italy's March 2018 general elections failed to return a clear majority parliamentary winner from among the parties.

The Path to Stability on the Korean Peninsula - the Unimpeded Development of North-South Relations

The BBC-News reported earlier today that the leaders of North Korea and South Korea have met for a summit at the demilitarized border between the two countries. This second summit between the North's Kim Jong-un and the South's Moon Jae-in, comes on the heels of United States (US) President Donald Trump's cancellation of a summit between himself and the North Korean.

Relations between the Koreas have been rocky. Yet, warming signs have emerged from the thawed relation ever since the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, when the North accepted the South's invitation to the games and where they both paraded together under one flag.

Barbados Elections 2018 - Opposition Clean Sweeps all 30-Seats in Parliament

In a stunning act of disdain and rebuke of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP), Barbadians delivered a clean-sweep of all 30-seats in their Parliament to the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP), in the just concluded General Elections, May 24, 2018.

Therefore, Mia Mottley will now become the first female Prime Minister of the small Caribbean island of Barbados, which gained  independence from Great Britain in 1966. The 166-square-mile island is a Parliamentary Democracy and member of the Commonwealth of nations - former British colonies.

Trump Withdraws from North Korea Summit - a Re-balance of Asian Influence to China

Often, people who share a common interest of better relations, are best left mitigating any differences among themselves. Outsiders and observers perform best on the sidelines of such proceedings without any direct or controlled interjections into the negotiations.

So when North Korea accepted South Korea's invitation to the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, the two Koreas, having a mutual interest of better relations, summarily opened a vital channel to better cooperation on their shared peninsula with the possibility of attaining military and nuclear de-escalation, which could transcend to a more secure and stable region and world.

Mercy for the Women of the IS - the Widows and the Mothers

Since the Islamic State (IS) terror group collapsed in Iraq, the Guardian reports, some 40 foreign women of the group have been sentenced to death in Baghdad and dozens sentenced to life-terms, following mere 10-minute hearings in Iraqi courts.

However, this form of justice, in spite of the vile violence and atrocities committed by the IS, should not stand against the foreign widowed women, even though some of them might have willingly and freely joined the terror group. Conversely, it is very likely that many of these women were forced by their spouses to travel with them to both Iraq and Syria, at the height of the IS terror.

A Return to Humanity's Development - Rejecting Strife and Conflict

Up until two-years-ago and despite a hot conflict in Syria, a developing one in Yemen, an Ebola outbreak in Africa, continuing troubles in Afghanistan, unsurety in Iraq, a divided Libya and an immigration crisis in Europe, humanity appeared hopeful and optimistic. Progress was teeming toward wider world innovation and greater human development as international diplomats sought resolutions to the existing hiccups.

Up until two-years-ago also, Russia, still behaving mischievously after it had annexed Crimea earlier, and besieged under international sanctions, even appeared rational in its efforts to rejoining the fold of adherence to international law and norms.

Caution Against the Undue and Excessive Punishment of Any People

United States (US) re-imposed sanctions on Iran will be the strongest in history forcing that nation to "be battling to keep its economy alive." This is a sharp assessment of what the Trump administration intends to inflict upon the Islamic Republic. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has confirmed the US intent.

But the Trump administration should proceed with great caution in all efforts to inflict undue and excessive punishment on Iran. Instead, the administration should look to the catastrophic lessons of history for the realities of great punishment inflicted upon any people, as its guide to tempering justice with mercy with regards to the Iranian people.