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Toward Unchaining Syria

The proof of multiple usage of chemical agents by the Bashar Assad regime upon Syrians is damning. The suffered carnage of the Syrian people, including children, from eight-years of war, is self evident. The millions of people displaced internally and externally are starked. Yet, the chains of death and of a dying culture remain over Syria.

The proof France's President Emmanuel Macron has declared he has confirming Assad's government use of chemical weapons upon Syrians in the town of Douma, Eastern Ghouta, Syria, last weekend, ought to be more than sufficient to mount an international action to unchain the ring of death over Syria once and for all.

Actions to unchaining Syria should be decisive in ending the gross humanitarian failing that is the Syrian war, or at very least, to establishing spheres of peace within Syria so that its children and people could return to a life of normalcy free of the deadly interventions by Assad and his co-conspirators. 

More so than any other thing, Syrian must be unchained. Now is a ripe time to return Syria to its people free of Assad and Russian dominance. Unless it is quickly emancipated from the inflicted death grip of Assad, violent extremism will continue to permeate out of the Levant to transcend even wider borders.