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To Re-capture a Faltering Rationality

Human development and cohesive continental-habitation have endured many trials. From the "Dark Ages" to "Enlightenment"; from slavery to emancipation; from the gross suffering of two World Wars to prolonged periods of peace; from colonialism  and imperialism to independence and the birth of republics; from times of blighted non-identity to periods of cultural and social revolutions; and from utter poverty to a time of plenty fueled by international trade and global economics.

Yet, in spite of the human experience and gains accomplished in modern times, even amid two hot wars in Syria and Yemen, today, a faltering rationality appears to have emerged in political leadership that threatens to halt or to reverse great social, economic and development gains made over the years.

More than everything else, including Russian meddling from the East to the West, the Donald Trump administration's insistence on invoking a trade war with China, stands as the biggest obstacle to the continuity of robust international trade and economic well being.

The fair and continuous operation of international trade remains the driving force of all global development. Trade deficits between nations arise out of supply and demand. That a nation runs a trade deficit with another, has never been sufficient evidence to ensue a trade war, so clearly, there must be another underpinning reason for the Trump's administration insistence on fighting with China over trade.

If deep concerns over the theft of intellectual property is the main focus of the Trump administration's fight with China, then that concern should be isolated and negotiated out of the wider spectrum of general trade in order to prevent a global economic meltdown.

However, if Trump's ploy of proposing more and more tariffs on Chinese goods is really meant to force China's hand to react by unloading much of the United States (US) Treasury securities it holds so that he may boast to his political base that he recaptured much of the US dept from Chinese hands, then Trump has opened an even larger risk of the general welfare of Americans and the globe in general. 

Marked abatement in world economic performance could lead to greater strife and a larger resurgence of terror and right wing groups, thus contributing to a broad destabilization of global security. A trade war between the world's two largest economies, is an irrational act to start.

Instead of a war on trade, all efforts to ensure the continued growth of the US and global economies should be set on recapturing a faltering rationality to global leadership and development.