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Toward the Re-engagement of Humanity

Planet Earth is a vast and expansive ecosystem. Yet, it is fragile - requiring constant care, attention and protection in order to sustain the continuity of the human species as well as the plant and animal kingdoms and the natural environment. 

Therefore, in order to protect the Planet's longevity, which is crucial to continuous habitation here, humankind must re-engage with the affairs associated to the health and the well being of our 'Bright Blue Marble'. 

Now is the hour for a re-engagement of humanity and not just toward protecting the natural environment, but more so, toward protecting the social environment and securing the rights and the freedoms of men and women to live happy and secure.

Humanity could restart its engagement of life on Earth by first adopting a more sincere empathy for those people who are suffering or displaced at this time. Greater consideration should be given to the victims of wars in Yemen and Syria with a view to bringing the two human tragedies to a close. A kinder hospitality could also be offered to the displaced, who have become dispersed across the seas in search of solace from turmoil in their homelands. A permanent state for the Rohingya people and the Kurds would also help in achieving greater stability across the globe.

All these things are possible, yet for them to become a reality, more people are needed to care and to demand an end to perpetual suffering and slaughter. These tasks are way within the scope of the human species. Hence, it should be resolved hereafter, that each member of the human race do a little bit more than yesterday in fulfilling an ultimate responsibility for the care and protection of people, animals, plants and other things, on Planet Earth.