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April 2018

A Call for Re-Elections in Italy - Eurosceptic Parties Unable to Form Government

The Italian election of March 4, 2018, ended in a hung parliament since the major vote getters - anti-establishment and Eurosceptic parties, failed to win a clear majority of the seats in the Italian Parliament. 

The party of former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was badly beaten winning only 122-seats in the 630-seat parliament.

Today, almost two-months after the election, Eurosceptic and anti-establishment parties that won most of the seats, are unable to form a government hereby creating stalemate in the European Union (EU) nation.

The Enduring Tragedy of Gaza and of the Palestinian People

A 15-year-old Palestinian boy, shot as he ran away from Israeli forces on Friday during a "Great March of Return" protest on the border of Gaza and Israel, died on Saturday. The youth's death is indicative of an enduring and seemingly perpetual tragedy of Gaza and of the Palestinian people for survival and for life against the hardline shooting-of-protesters policy of Israel.

Forty-two Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and another 2,000 wounded since March 30, when the "Great March of Return" protests were started by Palestinians along the fence with Israel, to press for a return of lands and homes lost to Israel during the Jewish state's war with Arab neighbors, 1948-9.

The Death of British Toddler Alfie Evans and a Gross Overreach of the British Courts

British toddler Alfie Evans, 23-months-old, died at 2:30 British time, earlier this morning. He had been hospitalized much of his short life with a degenerative brain condition. Born in May 2016, he entered the hospital in December 2016. I pray for the comfort of his parents and loved ones. May Alfie travel very well. 

The terminally ill youngster had become the face of an international effort to save his life and to keep him on life-support at a Liverpool, United Kingdom, hospital. He died today after being taken off life-support on Monday - meaning that the toddler endured in a prolonged vegetative state for five-days before succumbing to a fate of death.

"Planting Peace and Prosperity" - the Koreas Meet in a Historic Summit

North Korean President Kim Jong-un crossed the demilitarized zone (DMZ) earlier today and entered South Korea for a summit with President Moon Jae-in. Kim became the first North Korean leader to set foot in South Korea since the Korean War, 1950-53.

With a jovial step across the demarcation line separating the two Koreas to meet Moon, Kim joined his counterpart of the South in ushering a new era of pledged peace and prosperity on the Korean peninsula. 

When Kim entered the South where he was welcomed by Moon, moments later, he cheerfully held Moon's hand and escorted him onto the North side of the demarcation line before the two returned to the South for their historical summit.

In Support of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Years of sensitive negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and World powers -  the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, China and Russia, culminated with a signed agreement between the parties in 2015 that limits Iran's nuclear bomb capabilities.

The agreement has brought a measure of stability to the Middle East and the wider world as Iran's trajectory to acquiring a nuclear bomb, has been curtailed. Moreover, if Iran violates the agreement, the global pact contains the mechanism to reimposing economy-crippling sanctions.

The Iran Nuclear Accord - A Done Treaty or Amendable?

Opposition from United States (US) President Donald Trump to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ( the Iran Nuclear Deal), which was signed back on July 14, 2015 and aimed to curb Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon, has placed the life of the treaty in peril, thus raising greater tensions in the already volatile Middle East.

The Nuclear Deal was signed by Iran and the P5+1 countries of China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The accord limited Iran's  nuclear program and enhanced monitoring of Iranian nuclear actions in exchange for relief from nuclear sanctions, which according to some reports, cost the Iranian people some $160 billion in oil revenue between the years 2012-16 alone.

Toward Recapturing Humanity's Sense of Purpose

That apparent loneliness, a disruptive love affair or a non-fitting social predicament could spark the stark barbaric episodes of violence and terror witnessed in recent years, is preposterous, appalling and certainly evidential of a larger lost of purpose and sense of being on the part of some individuals.

Yesterday's crimes against the people of Toronto, Canada, by arrested perpetrator, Alek Minassian, 25, hold all the hallmarks of yet another example of a loner with difficulties forging relationships with others and erupting into a mass killing of innocents not responsible for the perpetrator's personal shortcomings and frustrations.

Emmanuel Macron's Direction - Solidity and Resilience over Sharp Complications

French President Emmanuel Macron will become United States (US) President Donald Trump's first foreign state visitor tomorrow. 

The visit, which upon its face reinforces and affirms more than a-two-century-year-old deep, cooperative and allied kinship between the two Republics, denotes the solidity and resilience of Macron and the French people, yet it could spell sharp political complications for the French leader.

Like the "French Defense" in the game of chess, Macron's play with Trump has hope to solidity and resilience of his new adventurous and early overstretching tenure as French President.

Earth Day 2018 - Toward Ending Plastic Pollution by 2020

Today is Earth Day 2018 - a time normally allocated to celebrating our Planet Earth. 

Yet, given the reality of our times with direct and debilitating pressures place upon the environment, this Earth Day can hardly be taken as a celebration, but rather, as a global call for action toward the protection of our sole inhabitable Planet Earth.

This year's Earth Day theme to ending plastic pollution by 2020 is most fitting amid research that confirms the existence of global plastic pollution across lands and oceans.

Toward Full Rectification to Documenting Britain's Windrush Generation

Tempers in the United Kingdom (UK) have flared in recent weeks after threats and attempts were made to deport, to deny benefits to and to not fully recognize a generation of Britons, who immigrated to the shores of their colonial master, from the Caribbean between 1948 and 1971.

British reports have confirmed the denial of residency papers, medical benefits, employment and other services to these Brits - now referred to as the  Windrush Generation. 

This generation of mainly Caribbean-born Brits, mainly hail from the islands of Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago.