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In Honor of a Fallen French Hero - Full Condemnation and Rejection of Terrorism

As France honors a fallen gendarmerie who sacrificed his life so that hostages may live last Friday during a terror event at a supermarket in the south of France, that nation, the world and especially all immigrants and their sons and daughters, must renew a call for full condemnation and rejection of terrorism.

Terror remains an evil that threatens the sustainment of peace, security, stability and the good-naturedness of humanity's hospitality.

French Gendarmerie Nationale Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, 44, was savagely shot and stabbed by terrorist Radouane Lakdim, 25, after Beltrame gave up himself in exchange for a female hostage, during Lakdim's siege of a supermarket in Trebes, last Friday, March 23. Lakdim went on a rant of terror that day first carjacking a vehicle in Carcassonne, killing a passenger of the car, injuring the driver, shooting at jogging policemen and injuring one before assaulting the supermarket, killing a customer and a worker and taking hostages. Four people fell to Lakdim's terror and 15 were injured.

More innocents could have died last Friday had Beltrame not traded himself into the supermarket. French President Emmanuel Macron said Lt. Col. Beltrame "fell as a hero" showing "exceptional courage and selflessness."

But Beltrame did not have to die. If all people would condemn and reject terror, then cowardly exercises of any fallible ideology posing dangers to innocent people would not ever come to fruition.  

In France, as it is throughout Europe and elsewhere, such senseless self-centered acts of terror by flawed individuals must be denounced especially by immigrants and by their sons and their daughters. The likes of Radouane Lakdim send a horrific message of distrust of immigrants. 

And at a time when needy displaced migrants are seeking refuge in many lands, the likes of Radouane Lakdim, who was born in Morocco, but granted French citizenship in 2004, are poisoning the opportunities to hope for many deserving non radicalized migrants.

Therefore, and more so than before, it becomes explicitly necessary for all immigrants to condemn and to reject terror and to give up to the appropriate authorities, the likes of cowardly selfish individuals like Radouane Lakdim. 

May Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame travel well.