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The World Tomorrow

Optimistically, that there is yet life left on Planet Earth clearly offers hope of a world tomorrow - a world populated by young people with limitless dreams, broad ambitions and a ravenous passion for life and for survival on an ailing planet besieged by the negative impacts of man-made systems.

Realistically, angry-aging-dying men, war, suffering, violence, hunger, inequality, political meddling, the existence of nuclear weapons, autocrats, the erosion of human rights, the suppression of manifested destinies and a fragile environment, all warn of a looming doom in the absence of concerted efforts to save humanity.

Humanity's failure to correct, to atone and to make reparations for past wrongs, is contributing to perpetual global hostility in the same manner that generational grudges continue to wreck deep divisions upon social systems.

With regards to the natural environment, the latest World Bank Groundswell report, warns that climate change could force 140 million people to move within their countries' borders by 2050 because of drought, failing crops, rising sea levels and storm surges. 

While the stark World Bank study focused on Latin America, South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, it pointed out that the worse case scenario revealed could be reduced by 80 percent if concerted action, including global efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions and robust development planning at the country-level, were implemented now.  So instead of 140 million people being adversely affected by the debilitating effects of climate change by 2050, the figure could be reduced by 100 million.

Therefore, if concerted action on climate change could ensure a natural environment in the world tomorrow, then necessary social, political and economic actions could also help in securing a peaceful and a more cohesive world tomorrow.