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A German Arrest with Ramifications upon Present and Future Separatist Actions in Europe

[The following represents my unbiased analysis of events having full knowledge that what is expressed here, will upset some of my European associates. Yet, I write for my pen knows only the allegiances of justice, freedom, equality, humanity and logic.]

Germany authorities on Sunday, acting on a re-issued European warrant by Spain, arrested Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, as he transited through northern Germany from Denmark after he leaving Finland on Friday, where he conferenced and lectured. 

Puigdemont has been self-exiled in Belgium since the Madrid government arrested and jailed Catalan leaders following last October's referendum on Catalonia's independence. Madrid has charged Catalan leaders with sedition, rebellion and embezzlement because the leaders of the wealthy northeast autonomous region, dared execute a democratic referendum on independence against the directive of the Spanish government(or Crown).

No shots were fired in the Catalonia referendum. Catalan leaders never incited or invoked violence in holding the vote - a peaceful tool of any democratic system. Yet, Spain remains intent on punishing the leaders of the region for holding the democratic process, even in the absence of any armed rebellion.

Last Friday, in re-issuing the arrest warrants for Puigdemont and other Catalan leaders who have fled Spain, the Spanish Supreme Court also ruled that it would try 25 Catalan leaders, including Puigdemont, on rebellion and embezzlement charges that could result in lengthy prison-sentences. The court has also detained the Catalan leaders in Spain until their trials. 

Madrid's re-ignition of the Catalonia question that now puts Germany squarely in the middle of it, comes after Madrid wrestled control of the autonomous region away from its local leaders. A December election in the region that Madrid wrongly assumed would result in a rout of independence-seeking candidates and parties at the polls, backfired. Catalonians voted again for the sovereignty-seekers, thus frustrating the Madrid government ever further.

Instead of establishing a commission with Catalan leaders to address the grievances of the region with a view to peacefully and democratically re-affirming Catalonia's inclusion in Spain, Madrid has kept up its flawed intent to punish and to scapegoat Catalan's leaders at all cost. 

Madrid's action, I will continue to argue, sets a dangerous precedent per any present and future separatist movements in Europe because it sends the message that democratic, peaceful and non-violent efforts to any sovereignty will be punished, thus appearing to invite and to leave violent insurrection, as the only mode to any independence trials - an unwarranted likelihood in any jurisdiction.

Madrid is attempting to inflict undue punishment upon Catalan's leaders for their exercise of a democratic process. That Germany would detain Puigdemont and not allow him to continue to Belgium, exposes the Catalan leader of the danger of being extradited to Spain, where he believes he will will not get a fair trial, but would be subjected to cruel and undue punishment, something Germany must know about from the nation's gross punishment post-WWI, which contributed to the rise of the Nazis and WWII.

Spain holds the cards to ensuring that the Catalonia question does not leave Europe exposed to a future of armed insurrections over democratic processes.