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In the Absence of a Revolution to Oust Failed Governments, Prolonged Suffering Results

Syria today is a clear example of prolonged suffering of its people in lieu of a revolution back in 2011 to oust the failed tyrannical government of Bashar al Assad.

War deaths from eight-years of conflict in Syria have reached some 500,000; seven-million Syrians remain displaced internally and another five-million have fled the country. Today, in places like Eastern Ghouta, suffering, starvation, flight and death still abound. And to make matters even worse, no immediate plan is afoot toward ending the carnage of Bashar al Assad upon the Syrian people.

That forces in opposition to Assad lacked the military means and were not provided with the necessary capabilities to oust Assad back in 2011, confirms that in absence of any quick decisive action against Assad, the suffering of the Syrian people would continue because of Assad's addiction to power and his unsympathetic concern of the wishes of the Syrian people. 

Sooner or later, the Syrian war will end. But the scars, lessons and impacts of this gross failing of humanity, will linger for a greater period than the execution time of the war. Sadly, many of these said scars, lesson and impacts will not be good per effects upon the wider world or in future events of people faced with failed governments.