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...of these defining times
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My Blog

Attainable Peace and Security

If all the world's empathetic people would unite and stand together for all things that are good for humanity and our environment, then would peace and stability would become a reality.

Unfortunately, too many decent people continue to sit on the sidelines while humanity approaches a state of greater agitation as our environment (both social and natural), becomes poisoned via the works of greedy projects by dying men with no consideration to the health and well being of future generations.

More caring people need to stand up for the things that are right and virtuous and to reject all apathetic polarizing schemes. Wars and conflicts could be ended. Dreaded divisive policies could be ended. Progressive social and environmental works could be promoted and sustained.

But first, more kind people need to demand better of current conditions and to raise their voices and actions above the minority of destructive forces, in order to attain a safe cohesive atmosphere on planet Earth. If enough of us stand, then peace, liberty, happiness and stability will rule the world. [A thought offered for consideration on a Monday.]